‘Change will never be this slow again’

2013-06-04. If you think the pace of change has increased in recent years, you’ll really need to brace yourself for the near future. In a stunning presentation about the outlook for 2016 and beyond, Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of Omnicom Media Group, Malaysia, said the changes in the next five years will be greater than those that have happened in the past 10 years.

by Brian Veseling | June 4, 2013

“Change will never be this slow again,” he said.

Many of the developments he highlighted via several video clips already exist, but have not yet gone mainstream.

For example, Vogiatzakis showed a short video on an Internet-based contact lens system similar to Google Glass. It projects information onto contact lenses and enables face recognition as well as the calling up of social media pages about the person you are looking at – providing instant information about their job, family, pets and anything else they’ve shared online. The video showed a TV presenter in a restaurant, who looks at a woman and immediately sees her name, where she works, and that she has a pet dog.

Among the other changes happening or about to happen are:

  • Graphene – touted as the miracle material of 21st century – which will ultimately allow smart devices to be rolled up into the size of a pencil.
  • Voice recognition will improve and allow us to engage with our mobile devices in a way that is very natural to us. The devices will function as personal assistants.
  • Ultra-high definition screens – far greater than what is currently commercially available.
  • Lithium-sulfur batteries will improve battery life by a factor of 400.
  • Beyond 2016, we will have near-artificial intelligence that will make its current state seem dumb by comparison.
  • People will have much deeper access to the world of information.
  • We will be individuals but also participants in very powerful networks.
  • We will tap to pay and check in.
  • Our lives will move to the cloud.

“The world will become more intelligent, giving us access to rich additional layers that will know what we want before we do,” Vogiatzakis said.

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