Charge for digital content, engage readers with campaign journalism – Innovations in Newspapers World Report

Juan Señor, Partner at Innovation Media Consulting in the U.K., presented the annual Innovations in Newspapers World Report, prepared for WAN-IFRA, during the closing session of the 65th World Newspaper Congress, 20th World Editors Forum and 23rd World Advertising Forum.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | June 5, 2013

The most important conclusion was that news organizations should adopt a paid-for model for digital content, preferably a freemium model:

  • Readers are willing to pay for their news content, thanks in part to the gradual shift towards mobile news.
  • The resulting reduction in traffic is typically compensated by additional revenue.
  • 3% of unique visitors convert to digital subscribers.
  • Bundling of digital and print helps print sales.
  • Very important social and civic stories should remain free.
  • For a paid-for model to work, stay away from commoditized news.

In an effort to avoid commoditized news, Señor recommended that newspapers stop chasing social buzz and hyperlinks, and instead focus on ‘campaign journalism,’ producing content that has a direct and practical impact on their communities.

“Change your community, and you will change your relationship with readers forever,” he said.

“If your content is good, it will become social.”

The Innovations in Newspapers World Report includes research and case studies from around the globe on the latest trends in news including state-of-the-art newsrooms, big data, campaign journalism, interactive storytelling, digital news pure-players and emerging business models.

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