Adding flexibility and individuality to print

At the Media Port Power of Print, Grit Neumann, Head of Sales & Marketing, Axel Springer Druckhaus Spandau (near Berlin) says she sees digital printing as the future of print in the digital age.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 8, 2013

Neumann believes the modern reader does not just want to consume news that is presented to him in the traditional way; he wants topicality, high quality and especially relevance. The digital audience wants to communicate and participate in the news creation process.

But what does that mean for a newspaper printer? Neumann encourages printers to rethink the newspaper model, familiarise themselves with new, flexible technologies (like digital printing), get to know their target group and develop future models from the perspective of the digital media user. The goal is to create a newspaper that is as flexible and individual as digital media and at the same time keeps the advantages of print.

Of course, this can only be realised in partnership with all concerned partners: the publishers, creative advertising agencies, the logistics people, technology providers – and the readers!

“My intention is to open perspectives,” she concludes.

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