Automation for better quality and efficiency

For Jussi Pekkarinen, Quality Manager of Alma Manu Oy in Finland, automation is the way to reach better quality and improve efficiency. He spoke at the Power of Print Media Port in the Efficient Printing session on Wednesday, which was moderated by Martin Schwarz, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine 4c.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 9, 2013

A high level of automation, Pekkarinen said, helps keep waste figures low, and a preventive maintenance program assures that the equipment is kept in good shape and system malfunctions are avoided.

He had a good opportunity to implement automation, because Alma Manu opened a new printing plant in spring 2013. There was a big increase in efficiency compared to the old operation.

“The most difficult time was in the commissioning phase, when the old printing plant was still producing and the new one started,” he said. As benefits of automation he mentions ergonomics, quality improvement, production efficiency, and the reduced environmental impact.

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