Fairfax Media evaluates production alternatives for remote printing

Fairfax Media is looking at ways in which digital printing technology might be used in remote sites. The new Magnum Compact, equipped with automatic plate changer, however could be an alternative.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | March 3, 2014

This was reported by, a website specialising in newspaper technology news for the Asian-Pacific region. is quoting Print and Distribution Chief Executive Bob Lockley: “We’re looking at options and possible cost justification for these (print sites).” Mentioned is also a possibility of working on projects with News Corp Australia – which announced some weeks ago to establish a digital newspaper printing site in Brisbane.

The gxpress article says that Lockley confirmed that the company was also looking at Goss International’s new single-width press Magnum Compact as an alternative in some applications. The press could be added to existing Community lines, of which Fairfax has a number.

Eric Bell, Director Marketing Services for Goss International, said in June 2013 in an interview with World News Publishing Focus regarding the new Magnum Compact: “Inkjet excels at variable data but, despite recent advances, still results in a higher cost per copy than can be justified in many market segments. Our vision with the Magnum Compact is to lower the break-even point for offset to under 1,000 copies by applying targetted automation to dramatically reduce makeready times. (…) One thousand copies of a typical newspaper signature can be completed in four minutes, including the makeready, with a Magnum Compact press.”

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