Print company must become a target group specialist

Michael Hack, estampado, focuses on marketing printing services, with special emphasis on business models for newspapers and printing plants. Interdisciplinary action is his recipe for success.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | March 21, 2014

The fact that demand is decreasing is nothing new. But, according to Hack, the reason for the present situation of the printing plants lies in their failure to adapt to market conditions. For  the future, he sees two possible scenarios: either digital monostructure or multimedia with printed paper as one among many media.
He recommends: “Get to know the wishes and needs of your target group and develop a business model on that basis that extends beyond print. In other words: Become an interdisciplined target group specialist“.

He uses a series of examples to show how worthwhile it can be to develop an offering tailored to suit a very clearly defined, small target group.

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