Media Innovation Hub

The Media Innovation Hub of the 66th annual World Newspaper Conference was held Monday evening at the NH Lingotto Hotel.

by Nick Tjaardstra | June 9, 2014

(in the photo: WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO Manfred Werfel, left, and António Torres Pereira, CEO of Impresa Publishing in Portugal.)

The hub was hosted by a panel of media executives to discuss the plans to launch research innovation tech transfers to create a balance between expertise and advocacy initiatives.

“We need to seek innovation through rapid fire and low-cost platforms,” Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), said.

The overarching intention of the Media Innovation Hub is to connect people from all media platforms and connect publishers with a new generation of research centers. The implementation of a global alliance for research and development is at the forefront of the innovative movement.

The central point of the hub is to “address the issue of a weakening innovation ecosystem in the news publishing value chain,” Peyrègne said. “We need to turn all companies into technology companies.”

Markus Pettersson, project manager at Stampen in Sweden, presented the Media Innovation Map, one of three prototypes initiated by the Media Innovation Hub news space.

The goal of the Media Innovation Map is to “encourage experience sharing and provide team up opportunities with central business platforms for publishers,” Pettersson said. We “improve the process through connecting people, ideas, research and solutions.”

Pettersson said the map “will only work in the digital environment.” No one will find it unless we are present, he said.

In order to connect people through the map prototype, engagement is needed, Pettersson said. The Media Innovations team recognized the need to create a social network to engage people on their own terms – by having them register with the news space program.

“We don’t only need to list the people, but we must get them together,” Petterson said. “The Advertising Hackathon this weekend is one way.”

The Media Innovations news space program has created an online database that provides sources with registered members while allowing them to search for colleagues in all field of the media industry, creating a unified, yet diverse, team of media executives.

“To get to the core of the entire system, it’s about the members,” Pettersson said. “It’s about matchmaking people.”

“The point of the hub was to spread the idea while also seeking feedback for the prototype and innovation concept,” Peyrègne said.