‘People are spending more time with news than ever before’

“We want to show that people have changed when embracing newspapers,” says Suzanne Raitt, Vice President Marketing and Innovation, Newspapers Canada, during a session Tuesday at WAN-IFRA’s World Advertising Forum in Torino, Italy.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | June 10, 2014

Studies conducted by Newspapers Canada show people still enjoy consuming news, both in print and on media devices.

“People love news,” Raitt says. “It doesn’t matter how old they are, they are spending more time with news now than ever before.”

One of the key things people are doing on tablets and smartphones is searching the news, she says.

She highlights La Presse, a Montreal newspaper that has “created very engaging editorials and ads on their devices.”

Newspapers are using augmented reality software to expand print news experiences, combining multimedia news functions, according to Raitt. People are more likely to participate in augmented reality with the rise of digital media. “Forty-four percent are open to marketing via QR codes,” says Raitt.

Advertisers are creating new solutions by using multiple newspaper media components – visual print aids, newspaper websites, and online video links, says Raitt.

Raitt quotes a Norwegian newspaper that has said, “We want our mobile ads to be as engaging as our editorial content,” encompassing the future of newspaper advertising on mobile and tablet devices.

Report by Nolan Miles. Photo by Brie Logsdon.

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