The 2014 World Young Reader Prize – HOW TO ENTER

The World Young Reader Prizes are awarded annually to innovative news publishers that have devised, in the judges’ opinion, the best project or activity in the past 24 months in one or more of the main areas of young reader development. This year sees four new special categories, and it’s easy to enter!

by WAN-IFRA Staff | July 1, 2014


Any news publisher may submit multiple entries.



so we know to expect your entry and you’ll receive instructions about how to THEN submit a PowerPoint presentation (maximum size 15 megabytes) in English that describes your project and its impact.

We are looking for clear and complete descriptions of innovative strategies that produce measurable results, particularly those that can be adapted for use in other countries. Use of multiple platforms is particularly encouraged.


The deadline for for entries is 15 July 2014.

See the “Delivering your entry” section below for details about how to get your entry to us.


World Young Reader News Publisher of the Year: A news publisher that has succeeded by putting youth at the core of its strategy. Twice, this award has honored an entire country’s youth work: Brazil in 2005 and India in 2013.. .


NOTE: Judges will make the necessary adjustments if they feel your entry belongs in a different category.

Brand: Marketing projects that improve a news publisher’s brand relationship with the young

Editorial: A news publisher editorial content strategy targeting the young

News in Education: Use of printed or digital news content in the teaching of media literacy or of any other subject. Also included in this category are activities that give young people the chance to experience professional  journalism. (See also this year’s special Playing with News category, supportd by the Capital of Children.)

Public Service: Public service in areas such as the environment, press freedom, literacy, youth civic involvement, etc.

Enduring Excellence: News publisher projects and activities more than two years old that continue to benefit both the young and the news publisher itself.

The Natasa Prize for Newspaper Printing Plants: Projects by newspaper printing plants that effectively teach the young about newspapers and journalism.

This category is named after Natasa Vuckovic Lesendric (1966-2011) who founded and ran a distribution system and then a printing plant for the independent press of Serbia under the regime of Slobodan Milosevic with the help of WAN-IFRA and UNESCO. She introduced modern practice to the management in both operations while encouraging actions that supported press freedom and introducing the young to this concept.



A break-through digitally based action that news publishers can use to better engage children, adolescents and/or university students through mobile telephones, tablets and other digital devices.

This category is supported by CCI Europe (Denmark), the leading provider of editorial and advertising solutions for cross-media news environments. More here about CCI Europe. Official


Actions that that give the young guidance and hope for saving the planet.

This category is supported by GreenTEC Campus, whose focus is the establishment of highly innovative companies in the field of renewable


A win-win partnership that helps sustain excellence in news publisher engagement and service of youth.


Inventive activities that teach 10 to 14-year-olds about the news by doing the news.(Note: this work can be ongoing for more than two years.)

This category is supported by the Capital of Children of Denmark, a partnership of the Billund Municipality and the LEGO Foundation to create a multi-faceted center  that specializes in children’s play, learning and creativity. More here about the Capital of Children News Studio. Offical website:


The jury, which includes past winners of the World Young Reader Prize, will take into consideration the contribution the programme has made to the news publishing business. This could be in terms of sustainability, revenue generation, circulation, readership growth or brand awareness.

In addition, the project will be judged on its benefits to the stated audience. The project framework should be easily transferable to other countries and situations. Judges will make the necessary adjustments if they feel your entry belongs in a different category. However, the jury takes a very dim view of massive entries that simply detail everything your company does for the young.

“Young reader” refers to those under age 25.


A. Be based on a single project or a series of related activities.

Except in the enduring excellence category, these should have occurred in the 24 months before the entry deadline. Except for the Enduring Excellence category, the prizes do not honor ongoing programmes but are directed toward projects that are new and have been carried out or re-launched within the defined period.

B. Be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation:

This presentation must be in English and limited to no more than 15 megabytes. See the “Delivering your entry” section for details. Supplementary videos are permitted on Youtube.All filenames should include the news publisher country and name.

C. Feature a first slide that contains:

  1. Name of the programme
  2. Category of the entry (core or special categories). We will change this if we feel your entry belongs in a different category.
  3. Sponsoring news publisher
  4. Complete address of the news publisher
  5. Name, e-mail, job title and phone of project director
  6. Name, e-mail, job title and phone of contact preparing the entry (if different)
  7. Circulation and frequency of the newspaper or reach of online site.
  8. A one-sentence description of the project
  9. Target of project: ages x to y (ages 25 and under should be main target)

D. Be divided into four major sections:

1. Description of the Programme: What you did and why. Give a thorough description of the activities of the programme, the goals it was expected to meet and how you planned to measure success. Describe the programme audience, including size and type, age range and any other relevant information. Show and explain relevant examples of project materials and work produced: photos; written activities; puzzles and games; map work; interviews with participants; drawings, etc. Be sure to describe all platforms used (print, online, mobile telephone, etc.) and to include a time line of the project’s progress.

2. Development: Financing and partners. Describe any partners with whom the news publishercollaborated and how the programme originated. Describe how the programme was financed including contributions made by the news publisher, project partners and the target audience.

3. Marketing: How you promoted it. Describe how the programme was promoted and marketed to the target audience. Include samples of marketing materials, including in-paper promotion.

4. Evaluation & Results: How it went. Indicate how the programme was evaluated and what it accomplished, including the benefits for the target audience and the news publisher itself. Warning: This is where many entries fail. Please be specific about your results.



PowerPoint presentations should be 15 megabytes or less. Large graphics are the main reason many PowerPoint files are so big, and this can slow down the display of pages.IMPORTANT TIP: Reduce the size (dpi and dimensions) of images to 96 dpi or 72 dpi before importing them onto the presentation. If you wish us to view a video, please upload it onto YouTube, Daily Motion or some other video sharing website and send us the link. All filenames should include the country and news publisher name.



You deliver your entry in two steps:

1. REGISTER so we know to expect your entry.

2. We will expect your entry in the form of a powerpoint presentation (remember, under 15 MB sent to by 15 July 2014.

PPT TIP: Reducing the size of photos (to 96 dpi or below) will go far in reducing the overall size of your entry.

If you simply cannot manage to get the file below 15 MB, put it on a TWO COPIES of a disc or USB and send to us at:World Young Reader Prize


96 BIS rue Beaubourg

75003 Paris France

Contact telephone – +331 47 42 85 00


Contact us at:

(on duty to 28 May and after 1 July)


15 July 2014

See the “Delivering your entry” section above for details

You can REGISTER HERE any time to let us know an entry is coming from you.

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