In Brazil, ANJ and ABTG offer “Certification of Management Excellence” in newspaper printing and distribution

The Brazilian National Association of Newspapers (ANJ) has established a partnership with ABTG Certificadora to offer member newspaper companies the opportunity to receive an audit-based Certification of Management Excellence, to add market value to their printing and distribution operations.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 1, 2014

The certification program aims to award the ABTG seal to all types of newspapers, from small companies to the largest mainstream papers. Certification is based on four criteria:

  • operational efficiency,
  • perceived quality,
  • environmental management, and
  • personnel management.

Newspapers that obtain certification will receive the Seal of Excellence for Newspaper Printing or Distribution in the categories gold, silver, and platinum and will have the right to use the seal in their publications.

The main goals of the certification program, which targets plants that print and distribute newspapers, are to set a standard of excellence for the printing industry and collect information on business indicators to back and take market actions in the newspaper printing and distribution industry, aimed at continuous improvement.

The seal of certification provides additional advantages such as highlighting the newspaper’s progress in printing and distribution. Another benefit is that the program allows executives from these areas to identify their main challenges and places where their printing operations can improve.

According to Bruno Mortara, Technical Director of ABTG Certificadora, obtaining the seal in any category means numerous advantages for the company, such as the adoption of good management practices (essential for increasing competitiveness), public recognition, an incentive for continuous improvement of company processes, adding trademark value, highlighting best management practices, and bringing high-value information to the industry.

According to Rodrigo Schoenacher, Director of the ANJ Operations Committee and Director of Management and Operations at Infoglobo, the Certification of Management Excellence was created to help newspapers set goals to maintain their competitiveness and make them even more efficient in their printing and distribution operations.

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