Tablet & App Summit – Summary in 10 Tweets

Engagement: that was the theme that ran through #TAS14 in Amsterdam. With speakers demonstrating an extraordinary willingness to share, an active audience with pertinent questions, and a busy twitter feed, this was a truly interactive summit. But engagement is also an important issue for mobile.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 15, 2014

Engagement means getting user engagement in your mobile development, whether in A/B testing, audience analytics or UX panels. And, as both Ted Kudinoff of Aftonbladet and Alex Hardiman of the New York Times, pointed out, your engaged readers are also the most likely to renew their subscription.

With a major UX focus this year, Luke Miller set the scene.

Stig Ørskov@orskov

Experience Designer Luke Miller: UX = matching user goals with business goals

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If business is a dirty word then you can look at it a different way – always keeping it short and sweet.

Bettina Kiehnle@bettinabettina

“Understanding context is understanding UX” said @younglucas

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Fresh from a major redesign of our local Expo partners De Telegraaf, Mario Garcia described the skill set of the new breed of mobile editors (and Columbia graduates).


.@DrMarioRGarcia “the best mobile curators: fast, great news judgment, twitter junkies, tight & bright writers, social sleuths”

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The Guardian have extended their policy of openness to both web and mobile design, proposing that you know nothing until you start engaging your customers (or readers).

John Thompson@johncthompson

.@tomgrinsted “We do not know” is the best way to approach any new product

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Grinsted then dropped a bombshell that may not have been appreciated by the author of Storytelling in the Age of the Tablet.

John Thompson@johncthompson

.@tomgrinsted I’m not convinced that tablets are [as important] as some people say.

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While the Guardian develop in public, the NRC’s Freek Staps was proud to have developed new app NRC Q entirely in secret! Taking news alerts to a new level with Facebook’s very own Whatsapp.


Whatsapp broadcast groups – innovative, opt in use of an emerging platform at NRCQ @freekstaps

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Developing is the easy part compared to making money. And Marjolein Stromeier, Head of Mobile, Mobext admitted advertisers were still looking at the wrong KPIs.

Gunnar Springfeldt@gunnar40

Redefine ROI for mobile, says @mstromeier at Hurdles: measurement, lack of cross devices tracking tools, dig assets not mobile ready

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Reader revenue is another area that is ripe for optimisation. While Aftonbladet Plus have had amazing success with SMS payments, the New York Times saw a 125% increase in the conversion rate once they tried a native Android payment method.

Garrett Goodman@GarrettGoodman

Switching to Google Play on Android took our mobile subscription process from 119 seconds to 2 seconds – @alex_hardiman, @nytimes

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This is all about getting the product right. Did we mention the word engagement?

Robin Allenson@Sugarsteroni

@TedKudinoff says Aftonbladet leverages their analytics & CRM teams, and customer conversations and A/B testing to drive results

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And finally, in less than 140 characters, just what does the future hold?

Nick Tjaardstra@tjaardvark

Your Mobile trends from the panel. Cross device, native, wearables. Expect more mob tech acquisitions by social giants.

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