#WPE14: New KBA RotaJET L-Series aimed at changing market demands

KBA unveiled its KBA RotaJET L-Series, a new flexible and adaptable high-volume inkjet product series, at World Publishing Expo 2014 in Amsterdam.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 14, 2014

The digitisation of the printing industry is progressing. At the same time in the high-volume inkjet printing segment, requirements regarding the configuration, features, maximum web width and productivity of digital printing systems are extremely varied in the book, direct mail, magazine, newspaper and industrial printing market segments addressed by the KBA RotaJET. This is in addition to the change in market demands over time due to the increasing expansion of digital printing.

KBA says it is the first manufacturer to take these circumstances into account with the new retrofittable RotaJET L product series available in various web widths, maximum printing widths and colour content. The KBA RotaJET 89 – 130 printing systems based on this new series supplement the RotaJET 76, which is still available.

KBA says future users of the new RotaJET L platform will be able to react quickly and economically to changing market conditions and customer demands without the need to invest in entirely new kit straight away.

The company notes the RotaJET can be optimally configured to suit the respective market and industry environment. The new KBA digital press series includes five RotaJET printing systems which can handle web widths ranging from 895 to 1300mm (35.2 – 51.1in). As all these new systems have been developed based on an identical platform it is possible to upgrade a KBA RotaJET 89 (web width 895mm/35.2in) easily and quickly to a RotaJET 100, RotaJET 112, RotaJET 123 or even a premium RotaJET 130 (web width 1,300mm/51.1in). Furthermore, KBA says it is also possible to modify a 1C monochrome system into a 4C colour system.

More information is available by clicking here.

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