Key takeaways from the American Press Institute’s millennials study

An extensive study into the news habits of US ‘millennials’ by the American Press Institute (APi) finds that young people are engaged and interested in the news. Jake Evans pulled together some of the most interesting results from ‘How Millennials Get News’.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | March 16, 2015

Millennials, thankfully, are not news-less or disengaged, but their reading habits are vastly different from other generations.

While only 39% of millennials typically actively seek out news, a majority want news daily, and most care about the news. APi’s study found a trend among millennials to get harder news from traditional sites and softer lifestyle news from social networks – especially Facebook. And about 40% millennials are in the habit of paying for news services, apps or digital subscriptions.

Search engines are still the dominant method for digging deeper on a subject. When they do investigate, they judge a source on how well they know it, and whether it is rich with references and links.


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