And this World Young Reader Prize will go to… a teacher

A teacher will be among the winners of this year’s World Young Reader Prizes, the annual awards for excellence in youth engagement and news literacy from WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | March 15, 2016

This “Global Media Literacy Teacher” award is supported by NewseumED, the education division of the Newseum, the Washington, DC-based interactive museum, which will also host the ceremony for all the award categories on 1 December.

“This award is long overdue,” said Dr. Aralynn McMane, executive director for news literacy and youth engagement at WAN-IFRA. “Teachers are on the front line in the creation of the literate, media-savvy, civic-minded new citizens that not only news publishers need, but society as well. We hope this will serve as a small way to thank them.”

The primary or secondary school teacher winning this special award will receive a stipend to attend the ceremony and the major civic education conference that follows. Candidates are strongly encouraged to have the endorsement of a news publishing executive or media association. Wendy Tribaldos, a member of the prize jury, suggested news executives could go even further: “If I were a news publisher, I would hold a contest to find a teacher to nominate, giving him/her local prizes, and then dangle the international ‘carrot’ as an interesting plus… ”

News organizations themselves are honored for media and news literacy work through the News in Education category. This award, supported this year by The American Press Institute (API), recognises activity by a news publisher to support use of printed or digital news content in the teaching of news literacy, media literacy or of any other subject. Also included in this category are activities that give young people the chance to experience professional journalism.

Other categories include public service, supported by the Harnser Group, and a special digital first award, supported by CCI.

Details of all the award categories can be found at For further information, contact Dr. Aralynn McMane, WAN-IFRA executive director for youth engagement and news literacy, at

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