Der Spiegel launches paid-for digital daily

The German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel has launched Spiegel Daily, a new digital and paid-for daily newspaper. The idea behind the new digital-only product is to “stop the world once a day” by offering readers a self-contained and engaging news experience, which complements the publishing house’s existing print and online offer.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | May 16, 2017

Launched on Tuesday evening, 16 May, and published daily at 17:00, the publisher says each edition aims to explain the most important news of the day, provide insightful commentary, summarise debates that happened on social media platforms, and offer tips for what to do in the evening after work.

Exclusive stories from Der Spiegel magazine, highlights from Spiegel Online and videos from Spiegel TV complete the offer. The editorial management team is made up of Timo Lokoschat and Oliver Trenkamp.

Joint project among Spiegel platforms

“Spiegel Daily is a joint project of the editorial teams of Spiegel, Spiegel Online and Spiegel TV,” said Klaus Brinkbäumer, editor-in-chief of Spiegel.

“We have used the outstanding qualities of the Spiegel Group to develop a new journalistic product – a digital daily newspaper for an audience that wants to understand the world’s daily news without having to constantly be online.”

Photo: © 2017 Spiegel-Gruppe

Barbara Hans, editor-in-chief of Spiegel Online, added: “Spiegel Daily is a good addition to the website’s minute-to-minute offer and the weekly coverage of the news magazine because it offers something that neither Spiegel nor Spiegel Online can do in their current form – a self-contained daily news experience.”

The content of Spiegel Daily is divided into six categories: News, Opinion, Stories, Social, Panorama and My Evening.

Readers of Spiegel Daily can choose between a monthly and a weekly pass. The monthly pass starts with a free month-long trial period, and costs €6.99 per month afterwards.

The weekly pass costs €2.49 and ends automatically after one week. Spiegel Online subscribers can access the daily for free, while print subscribers have to pay €0.50 per week for a digital upgrade to access it.

Published in Hamburg, the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel is one of Europe’s largest publications of its kind, with a weekly circulation of 840,000.

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