Independent Lab: Developing products through developing people

The lab within Independent Media is training technology graduates in media, so they can apply technology in the newsroom and innovate in the media sector.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | July 13, 2017

Independent Lab was born in December 2016. As a largely print-focused organisation, Independent Media asked Kaya Labs to create an environment aimed at introducing graduates in the technology sector to the media industry:

“Essentially become the environment in which Independent Media can develop new products through developing people,” says Wesley Diphoko, founder of Kaya Labs and now Head of the Independent Lab and Online Editor.

While there is a need among media companies to integrate technology in order to remain competitive, there are few tech people in the local market who are trained to work in media. The project will therefore focus on enabling the candidates to get a very good understanding of the media with the purpose of assisting them to use their understanding of technology in the media industry:

“The success of this project will be instrumental in the transformation currently underway within Independent Media. It will allow Independent to get the necessary human resources who can assist the company to withstand the technology challenges faced by the media sector,” explains Wesley Diphoko.


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