AP Innovation: Including everyone in the organisation in the innovation process

The Associated Press is developing a worldwide hub through internal and external innovation efforts to encourage a culture of experimentation and collaboration within the organisation.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 18, 2017

AP Innovation was initiated three years ago, after a strategic planning process that resulted in the definition of three strategic pillars: expanding content, harnessing machine intelligence, and exploring business models beyond the core activities of AP. A culture of innovation was necessary to tie these strategic pillars together.

It was a conscious decision not to have a physical lab in which only a few people could collaborate, as a culture of innovation is rather organic:

“Being such a large organisation; having bureaus around the world and people working from different countries, we felt for our specific case that it was better to focus on spreading this culture of innovation,” says Francesco Marconi, Manager of Corporate Strategy. “So everyone could be part of that process.”


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This is one of the cases collected as part of the ongoing Media Innovation Mapping project, a collaboration between WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation and the Media Innovation Studio at UCLan

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