Engagement – Reinvent the relationship you have with your readers

With subscription rates falling, media companies need new ways to connect and interact with their audiences. We’ve found various interesting ways startups propose to do this.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | November 14, 2017

The media industry faces fundamental changes in the ways content is being consumed. More outlets than ever before are competing for attention. Readers have become less loyal to specific brands and can find an unlimited amount of content sources online. While a socially engaged user is more likely to turn into a subscriber and pay for the content offered.

Social media are increasingly turned to as a way to engage audiences and build stronger relationships between media organisations and their readers, but there are various ways in which media organisations can reinvent the relationship with their readers more directly.

Here’s a selection of startups from our network that propose to capture audience’s attention through content, interaction or advertising in new ways:


BeOpinionBeOpinionBE OPINION

We propose an enriched content experience by interactions and social levers to increase databases and retain users. Our online interaction tool combined with our data collection technology allows a wide choice of customisation and functionality to match challenges of media brands.

#engagement #data



Showcase your ideas and promote your brand messaging before a diverse, unlimited audience. Effectively connect engaged consumers with valuable brands and publishers on all small screens.

#engagement #mobile #monetisation



Multipass subscribers access premium content, surf without ads and support journalists on all partners websites with a single subscription.

#subscription #premium




Grow your digital subscriptions by providing readers with an innovative financial news platform powered by real-time data.

#financialnews #realtime #digitalsubscription



PandaSuitePandaSuitePANDA SUITE

PandaSuite helps you produce the content of tomorrow without any coding.

#Mobile #Tablet #Web #Apps




Poool dynamic paywall helps publishers create a custom relationship with their readers, engaging them and transforming them into subscribers.

#Paywall #engagement


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