iNOVA Media Lab: research, project development and networking with media

Joining the worlds of social sciences and emerging technologies, by applying their research to media industry practices.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | January 11, 2018

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, iNOVA brings a different approach to media innovation. It aims to incorporate new digital technologies within the traditional media industries, as well as research new methods and products to improve the quality of reporting and solve issues within the media environment:

“I think media innovation is not just linked to addressing the challenges of the industry, but also to seeing what’s not already there,” says Paulo Nuno Vicente, coordinator of the iNOVA Media Lab.

“It’s about developing new modes of intermediation with content. In a way it’s addressing industry problems, but it’s also about conceiving and developing applied answers for the future.”

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This is one of the cases collected as part ofthe ongoing Media Innovation Mapping project, a collaboration between WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation and the Media Innovation Studio at UCLan

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