New LMA report spotlights digital disconnect

CEOs and digital executives of local media companies across the US are becoming increasingly frustrated by their lack of progress in transitioning their firms and employees to digital, according to a new report released by the US-based Local Media Association (LMA) earlier this month.

by Brian Veseling | February 23, 2018

After dozens of personal interviews and a number of focus groups, LMA says the root of the problem appears to be a misunderstanding about expectations and goals.

CEOs want to see quicker results. Digital vice presidents would like to see more investment and support as well as some patience regarding the amount of time building up a new, and changing, business model takes. And everyone wants to see more top digital talent being recruited across the organisation.

Need for highly qualified digital staff

“The human capital issue is a huge problem,” says LMA President Nancy Lane in a concluding section of the report. “Local leaders have trouble recruiting top digital talent, but they are also the group that is not likely to recommend their company to a friend of colleague that is looking for work. … It was the top pain point for the VPs of Digital and a top three from the CEOs.”

Lane and LMA see better communication and a more highly defined digital strategy as the essential first steps in addressing the problem.

“Companies need to get on the same page when it comes to their digital strategy. ALL sides need to do a better job listening to each other. An executive-level retreat that brings the corporate team and local leaders together is a good first step,” Lane says.

Furthermore, she says there is an urgent need for decisive leadership and quick action.

“One thing is clear: the disconnect that exists is hurting the industry’s ability to move the needle when it comes to growing digital. Politics, defensive postures, silos and more still exist. That needs to end tomorrow and only strong leadership will change that,” Lane says.

For more information about the report, click here.

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