FranceTV Lab: testing new tools in the lab first to facilitate adoption in the newsroom

In the lab, FranceTV tests new tools and learns how to use them before introducing them to the newsroom. A way to spread the digital culture among journalists, who tend to be conservative and not always open to new ways of working.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | April 24, 2018

France Télévisions is the French public broadcasting organisation based in Paris, with over 10 000 employees. Grown out of a small innovation department that existed within France Télévisions since 2010, the media lab was created in 2016 with a triple mission:

  • Test new tools that could be useful for the newsroom and for developing audiences;
  • Connect television and online journalists, developers, designers, and start-ups;
  • And help the newsroom become more accustomed to digital challenges through training, knowledge sharing and best practices.

A lab needed to be created to get closer to the newsroom and to have an actual team:

“I’m most proud of how the lab is working with the newsroom on the one hand and with developers and designers on the other hand,” says Eric Scherer, Director of the Digital Innovation department and Head of FranceTV Lab.

“The lab is part of the newsroom. It’s a real beginning of co-working between engineers and designers, and journalists and reporters.”



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