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Learn more about how you can support World News Day, a new initiative aimed at raising awareness about the value of fair, independent journalism.

by WAN-IFRA External Contributor | April 29, 2018

Taking place on 3 May, World News Day is a new initiative spearheaded by The Canadian Journalism Foundation to raise awareness around the world about the value of fair, independent journalism in the lives of citizens and in a functioning democracy.

The Canadian Journalism Foundation is hosting the first ever World News Day event (, #WorldNewsDay on social media) on Thursday, May 3, in Toronto, Canada, to celebrate the stories, the people, the reporting and the news organizations that are dedicated to changing lives, challenging the status quo, holding those in power to account and supporting freedom and democracy.

A second World News Day event will take place concurrently in Montreal and news organizations around the world are pitching in to raise awareness about the power of journalists.

Here’s how you can support World News Day:

For any questions, get in touch with The Canadian Journalism Foundation at

Attached is a selection of logos related to the event.


WAN-IFRA External Contributor

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