Monday Innovation Lab: Innovating step-by-step, while aiming for Utopia

When you think of innovation labs, you probably imagine a room of people figuring out the next groundbreaking app or tool. Monday Innovation Lab is taking innovation citywide.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | September 18, 2018

Situated in Barcelona, the Monday Innovation Lab helps cities in Catalonia, small or large, to innovate and adapt to new challenges. Having only been active for 18 months, the Lab is still in its infancy, but it aims to address four key urban issues – youth unemployment, the elderly, the digital gender gap, and custom projects – in novel ways: “For me innovating is doing something different,” says Patricia Gonzalez Garcia, founder of Monday Innovation Lab. “With the aim to achieve different results.”

This belief is applied to rigid and sometimes difficult to maneuver local governments. The structure of Barcelona’s City Hall is not foreign to Gonzalez, having worked inside for eight years before realising innovation and the process, methodology and technology of innovation is needed everywhere.

Gonzalez works with governments that are keen to change, but may not quite have the right tools or skill set. They may not know how to connect effectively with citizens or how to utilise a new technology. That’s where she steps in:

“My mission is to help local governments that want to innovate; not help the people that don’t know that they have to innovate.”

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