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The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is reverberating within news organisations, impacting every aspect of publishing: newsroom organisation, distribution, production, planning, coordination and ensuring staff’s safety and well-being.

by Dean Roper | March 20, 2020

WAN-IFRA has published a dedicated resource site at to share our members’ experiences, best-practice, crucial resources, and the things we are doing to help.

With each passing day of the Covid-19 crisis, journalism is showing, unequivocally, why it matters. WAN-IFRA is mobilising its staff, members and different communities to exchange their experiences, ideas and support for each other.

This resource centre will serve as a destination for you and your teams. It is a developing, evolving platform and we want you to be a part of it.

If you want to share any stories or feedback with us, please feel free to contact the following:

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