WAN-IFRA launches, a resource desk for news media professionals

2020-03-23. WAN-IFRA has published a dedicated resource site at to share its members’ experiences, best-practice, crucial resources, and the things we are doing to help.

by Vincent Peyrègne | March 23, 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is reverberating within news organisations, impacting every aspect of publishing: newsroom organisation, distribution, production, planning, coordination and ensuring staff’s safety and well-being.

With each passing day of the Covid-19 crisis, journalism is showing, unequivocally, why it matters. WAN-IFRA is mobilising its staff, members and different communities to exchange their experiences, ideas and support for each other. This resource centre will serve as a destination for you and your teams. It is a developing, evolving platform and we want you to be a part of it.

If you want to share any stories or feedback with us, please feel free to contact the following:

Visit the website :


Starting March 18, WAN-IFRA launched a series of webinars to address some of the main challenges facing news media in the context of the global Coronavirus outbreak. Drawing on the practical experiences of media from around the world, three upcoming webinars will examine the main areas in which decision-making, leadership and practical action are vital in assuring the safety of the journalists and the newsrooms, and the business continuity of the news organisations.

  • Newspaper Production and COVID 19 – Paper March 25 Time: 02:00 PM CET
  • Ensuring the safety of field reporters March 26 Time: 09:30 AM CET | Expert advice and practical tips to ensure maximum planning, preparation and responsiveness in relation to journalists reporting on health emergencies generally, and the current outbreak specifically.
  • Reporting: Ethics and Standards Thursday, April 2 Time: 01:00 PM CET | Strengthening ethical reporting as a means of providing essential, accurate public information and examining the media’s role in debunking growing misinformation about the status of the outbreak.

Register here:

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ABOUT WAN-IFRA. WAN-IFRA is the World Association of News Publishers. Its mission is to protect the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent media. WAN-IFRA provides its members with expertise and services to innovate and prosper in a digital world and perform their crucial role in society. With formal representative status at the United Nations, UNESCO and the Council of Europe, it derives its authority from its global network of leading news publishing companies and technology entrepreneurs, and its legitimacy from its 60 national association members representing 18,000 publications in 120 countries.

Vincent Peyrègne

Vincent Peyrègne took up duties as Chief Executive Officer of WAN-IFRA in 2012. Prior to joining WAN-IFRA, he was Head of Development at Edipresse in Switzerland with responsibility for audience insights and editorial marketing research and product development, before joining the office of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication as senior adviser to the Minister.

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