The Extended Role of a Publisher

The primary role of a publisher is indubitably to serve its readers. In times like these, when the newspaper industry all over the globe is struggling, The Daily Star has persistently tried to come up with initiatives to engage its readers.

by WAN-IFRA External Contributor | November 2, 2020

By Tajdin Hassan

From omitted outdoor spending to limited digital buying, COVID-19 surely did take a toll on businesses of various kinds. Advertisers, however, have started adapting to the new normal and gradually communicating with their consumers through different channels. Nevertheless, they have taken a conservative approach when it comes to spending on media budget. 

However, the Daily Star, the leading English Daily of Bangladesh, in an effort to support its advertisers, has come up with a distinctive initiative.

What to Buy’ is a microsite built on The Daily Star’s web domain, where The Daily Star has placed the most attractive promotional offers by different brands on the site. A range of brands in sectors ranging from fashion to technology to health to hospitality and many others have placed their exclusive promotional offers here.

The Slider is placed on the landing page, on top, with the most attractive offers. 

The offers are categorised based on the type of brand making it easy for visitors to find a suitable offer. In addition to a search bar, there is also a video segment where dynamic promotional contents are displayed.

Upon clicking on any particular offer, a visitor can read a small blog to know further about it, along with the option to get redirected to the purchasing site. As of now, the platform is offered free of cost to the brands, considering how it’s been tough for them to promote offers during the pandemic, nevertheless, it might switch to a revenue model later.

This initiative is expected to attract new brands to demonstrate their attractive offers on the platform. Moreover, converting this platform to a revenue model over the course of time as a unique place for promotional offers is also expected to help the publisher, from a business perspective. 

The Daily Star is always looking forward to playing an extended role as a publisher. Alongside focusing on core business, it has always tried to do its amplified part for the individuals and organizations that helped it become what it is today.

About the author: The writer is Head of Marketing at The Daily Star and an Alumni member of the exchange programme (IVLP)- U.S State department. He is also the founding member of Mission Save Bangladesh.


WAN-IFRA External Contributor

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