Podcast: How has the news media covered the COVID-19 pandemic?

2021-06-02. The coronavirus has rarely been out of the news since it started spreading across Europe and around the world in early 2020. This podcast episode discusses how the news media has covered the health crisis in a context where public concern is at an all-time high but little trustworthy information is available.

by Teemu Henriksson | June 2, 2021

The latest podcast episode from the QUEST project looks at the news coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The health crisis has been an extraordinary period for science journalists, and reporting the facts and establishing the truth about the unfolding pandemic has been one of the greatest journalistic challenges of modern times. How have journalists covered the crisis amid limited scientific data and sometimes confusing information about the virus?

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WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation is one of the partners in the EU-funded project QUEST – QUality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication. Interested in knowing more about QUEST? Head to the project’s website.

(Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)

Teemu Henriksson

Research Editor

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