WAN-IFRA Features in the 2021 Paris Peace Forum

2021-11-11. Now in its fourth edition, the Paris Peace Forum gathers some of the most important players in global governance. Heads of state and government and CEOs of major multinationals, as well as civil society actors, are gathering for a unique hybrid edition from 11th – 13th November to advance concrete solutions to the enormous challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to improve global governance in times of Covid-19.

by Andrew Heslop | November 11, 2021

WAN-IFRA Media Freedom is presenting its Strengthening African Media programme at this year’s Paris Peace Forum.

Putting global governance on the agenda of leaders and civil society, the Forum selected WAN-IFRA’s Strengthening African Media programme as one of 80 global projects featured in this year’s event.

“We’re delighted to present our work and the wider issues that WAN-IFRA members are faced with in these difficult times to an audience of the highest calibre,” said Andrew Heslop, Executive Director for WAN-IFRA’s Press Freedom work.

“Media safeguard the public interest yet are under threat at every level. The initiative we’re presenting at the Forum supports African colleagues as they navigate challenges and propose solutions to ensure journalism thrives.”

The Strengthening African Media programme, a three-year initiative funded by the Foreign Ministry of Denmark, ensures citizens in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to accurate, independent information and diverse opinions from quality, professional media sources.

It aims to ensure media professionals are safer, media organisations adapt for sustainability, that there is a diversity of content and opinions, and that media are socially impactful.

Over the next three years, the programme will ensure media professionals are better protected against physical and online threats, provide tools and management capacities to produce public interest reporting, and increase the media’s ability to advocate for greater freedoms.


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Join the panel discussion ‘Information is key: Ensuring a healthier media ecosystem’ on Friday 12th November at 11:00am CET

Andrew Heslop

Executive Director, Press Freedom

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