How The Times of India innovates across its printing process

2021-12-17. At India’s Bennett Coleman Company Limited (BCCL) product innovation was instilled into the organisation culture very early on. The publisher of The Times of India, India’s most read English daily, has introduced a multitude of innovations across its printing process in recent years.

by Elizabeth Shilpa | December 17, 2021

BCCL has gone through several waves of innovation and according to SC Roy, Director – Technical at BCCL, the company is now in its 14th wave.

“Each wave fulfilled customer requirements at a new scale,” said Roy speaking at the recent WAN-IFRA Indian Printers Summit 2021.  

“Our revenue improved year on year just because of these product variations. About 18-20 percent of additional year-on-year revenue was purely because of these product innovations,” he said.
The process behind the products
BCCL has developed a robust, simple and effective process of innovation to generate new products year after year.

“At all our printing plants we have ideation sessions conducted every month, said Peter Britto, Deputy General Manager at The Times of India, speaking at the same event.

“Several ideas are generated and these ideas are all brought together at half yearly innovation meetings,” he continued. “A lot of deliberation happens there. We scrutinise whether they work for our double width presses or single width presses, and then we choose about 25-30 very good innovations, the ones we feel are viable for press trials.”

Press trials are conducted for the selected innovations for as long as two months. The successful ones are taken to the leadership for review and then given to the plants. 

“We have so many plants all across India, and they interact with the local marketing departments. So they take it to the local marketing departments who then evaluate them for the ...

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