Webinar highlights what European Green Deal means for printers

2022-03-24. A recent World Printers Forum webinar addressed how the European Green Deal will impact the printing industry in 2022 and beyond, focusing on areas that range from the sourcing of raw materials to the placing of the end product on the market.

by Michael Spinner-Just | March 24, 2022

The webinar, led by Laetitia Reynaud, Policy Advisor at Intergraf in Brussels, and moderated by Ingi Rafn Olafsson, Director of the World Printers Forum (WPF), covered areas like deforestation, free value chains and wood availability, the use of safe and sustainable chemicals and industrial emissions reduction in printing, as well as design requirements applicable to printed paper to achieve circularity.

Intergraf, the European federation for print and digital communication, focuses on advocacy work and representing the printing industry among European institutions, while also providing a platform for information exchange. Its members include 21 national printing trade federations as well as associate members.

The European Green Deal is a priority for Intergraf, along with the logistical problems that come with the current economic situation, skyrocketing energy costs and increasing costs of different input materials. The main problem printers are currently facing is related to the paper situation (prices and capacities).
(The following graphic shows as an example the newsprint price development in Germany between 2012 and 2022:)

The situation is similar for other graphic papers, mainly paper reels like SC and LWC.

Even more concerning for some of Intergraf's members are the shortages of graphic paper in Europe and not being able to fulfil orders.

As an industry trade organisation, Intergraf has raised its members’ concerns with manufacturers on several ...

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