Podcast – Reporting on Africa’s dangerous beats

2022-05-24. The latest episode of the Backstory Media Freedom podcast looks at how journalists cover sensitive stories while remaining safe on the job. We talk to reporters who shine a light on environmental issues, politics, and minority communities about their experiences of doing public interest journalism in the face of serious threats.

by Andrew Heslop | May 24, 2022

Season 4, Episode 5: What are the threats and challenges facing reporters who cover Africa’s biggest stories? How have threats evolved over the years, and what support do journalists have? Three journalists talk about their experiences of covering three very different, uniquely challenging beats (environment, elections, LGBTQ+ issues), and how they get to the story while keeping themselves and their sources safe.

In this episode:

The Backstory production team is Andrew Heslop, Mariona Sanz, Irene Abalo, Colette Davidson and Sarah Elzas, who edited and mixed the episode.

Music in this episode: Sal by Xylo-Ziko.

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