How Bloomberg develops products to boost subscriptions

2022-12-13. In early December, Bloomberg Media CEO M. Scott Havers told staff in a memo that the company now has more than 450,000 subscribers. At our recent Congress, Julia Beizer, Bloomberg’s Chief Product Officer, described how their product development is helping drive that success.

by Brian Veseling | December 13, 2022

Above, Julia Beizer at the World News Media Congress in Zaragoza, Spain. Image by Asier Alcorta for WAN-IFRA.

“First and foremost, we invest heavily in products that reinforce our brand and drive engagement,” Beizer said.

For example, Bloomberg has put a lot of work into their Markets experience, “not just on our Markets pages, but across our ecosystem over the last year,” she said.

The goal of this is two-fold.

First, financial data is Bloomberg’s core business and they want to maintain the focus on that.

“It’s important that we reinforce this in every page that a user is on and have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening,” Beizer said.

Furthermore, since the markets are constantly changing, they drive repeat visits, “and that’s a really important KPI as we start to think about people who will ultimately subscribe,” she added.
Strong focus on utility and delivery
Second, Beizer, who is also the company’s Global Head of Digital, said they are highly focused on the concepts of utility and delivery.

“We’ve done a lot of research about our users and potential users, and the single most motivating insight from my perspective, has been that our audience is looking for ‘a news source that will help me get ahead,’” she said.

Bloomberg has done a few things to help achieve this goal for both the company and its consumers, she said.

“Most recently, we’ve just relaunched a tool called WealthScore, where users take a quiz and we benchmark their personal...

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