Digital Media Awards: A salute to pioneering reader revenue initiatives across regions

2024-04-10. WAN-IFRA recently announced the regional winners for our latest round of Digital Media Awards in Africa, the Americas and Europe. And last month, we presented the trophies to our winners in South Asia during the Digital Media India event.

Amrendra Bhushan Shukla, right, of Hindustan Times Digital Streams Limited, receives the Gold award trophy for Best Digital Subscription/Reader Revenue Project from K.N. Shanth Kumar, Director, The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd, during WAN-IFRA's Digital Media India conference in New Delhi.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | April 10, 2024

As a special item for our Reader Revenue newsletter, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight those who won in our “Digital Subscription / Reader Revenue Project” category for each of those regions. Please note that in some cases the awards vary slightly from region to region. For example, for the Americas, separate awards are given for news publishers based on whether they are a large publishing house or a local/smaller one.

Digital Media Awards Europe

Best Digital Subscription / Reader Revenue Project

Project: The launch of +Allt – Bonnier News’ first bundled product
Company: Bonnier News, Sweden

+Allt is Sweden’s first bundled digital news subscription product, including national and local titles, financial news, content from lifestyle sites and sports broadcasts. Launched in February of 2023 with the goal of increasing the number of brands read by consumers and enhancing engagement and experience, +Allt has exceeded 200,000 purchases within its first year, far surpassing their original goal of 50,000. The wide array of content and unified customer journey has helped combat retention with active and engaged subscribers, as well as contributed to Bonnier News’ high digital growth rate in 2023. Judges commented: “A good example how strong brands can add increased value to a bundle-product: 1+1=3”

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Digital Media Awards Africa

Best Digital Subscription / Reader Revenue Project

Project: Farmer’s Inside Track
Company: Food For Mzansi Group, South Africa

A membership model that centres around and empowers its community through exclusive content, a personalised experience, priority access and events and an online space to connect with other members. This membership club is a brilliant example of putting your audience at the heart of your strategy and not only increasing reach to new members, but creating strong engagement with your loyal readers. The club, which launched at their 2023 Mzansi Young Farmers Indaba, is a proven hit, with more than 1,100 members signing up, far surpassing the original goal of 250. Judges commented: “It’s a project that goes beyond contributing to readers’ revenues. By creating this membership strategy, Food for Mzansi is creating a permanent panel to question and refine its services and content, and is building an excellent loyalty and conversion tool.”

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Digital Media Awards the Americas

Best Digital Subscription / Reader Revenue Strategy

Project: UOL Prime
Company: UOL, Brazil

The project had the objective of giving a differentiated treatment to the best stories researched by the newsroom: from the conception to the development of the guideline, from the best format to tell it to the best distribution strategy, using all of UOL’s channels.

Best Digital Subscription / Reader Revenue Strategy (Local/Small)

Project: Exclusive courses for subscribers
Company: La Voz del Interior, Argentina

The exclusive courses for subscribers is a launching of La Voz to diversify the value proposition of our content to our audience. They are webinars given by renowned professionals.

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Digital Media Awards South Asia

These winners were announced earlier this year, but the awards themselves were presented in a ceremony during our Digital Media India event, which took place in March in New Delhi. Also, in this region, there are Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. The image at the top of this article is of the presentation of the Gold winner, with Amrendra Bhushan Shukla, right, of Hindustan Times Digital Streams Limited, receiving the trophy from K.N. Shanth Kumar, Director, The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd.

Best Digital Subscription/Reader Revenue Project

Gold: Subscriber engagement & retention program, Hindustan Times Digital Streams Limited
Silver: OTTplay Premium, Hindustan Media Ventures Limited.
Bronze: Prothom Alo eEdition, Prothom Al.

One jury member noted, “A project founded on a solid strategy about how to treat subscribers best. It is well designed, and the clear communication seems to enhance the effects of this project.”
Another juror commented, “Congratulations on this well-planned and successful initiative. The combination of strategic and tactical work on the user experience, the extreme focus on reader engagement, and a holistic view of the subscriber and user journey have resulted in a successful project. Your results speak for themselves as you have used the best of reader-focused planning and thinking to strengthen your business.”

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Global winners for all categories will be award at Congress in May

Congratulations to these winners and all of those who won one of our regional Digital Media Awards! We look forward to finding out who won our global awards in all our categories during our World News Media Congress in Copenhagen next month.

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