Werner Zitzmann

Werner ZitzmannWerner Zitzmann has been the Executive Director of AMI, the Colombian Association of Media, since 2017. He is a lawyer by profession, a business executive by training and trajectory, and a communicator by vocation.

Under his leadership, he refocused the value offered of the former guild of Colombian newspapers, facing the Colombian newspapers, in the face of the dynamics of information characterized by the multiplicity of channels and formats, keeping multiplicity of channels and formats, maintaining its fundamental mission of defending responsible the exercise of responsible and independent journalism, press freedom and the right to information.

AMI represents established journalistic companies in Colombia with recognized media outlets, in order to media, in order to address the challenges they face today, managing the interests of its affiliates from the sectoral analysis, training, and journalistic business management, seeking to balance quality, independence and penetration with sustainability and hopefully profitability.

Between 1997 and 2008 he was General Secretary and VP of Legal Affairs of El Tiempo, Colombia’s main multimedia group, leader, and pioneer in Colombia and Latin America; he was a co-partner in the structuring of the group, its growth, strengthening and appreciation until its sale to Grupo Planeta of Spain and OLCSA, its current owner.

He is a civil society representative for the media sector in the National Council for Peace, Reconciliation and Peacebuilding.

For many years he has been an advisor in business and investment structuring, governance, strategic governance, strategic communication, mediation, and crisis management.