General Assembly of Members

The General Assembly constitutes the Supreme Organ of the Association

Its special functions are (extract from WAN-IFRA Statutes, Article 14):

  • 1. to ratify the membership fees as decided by the Board
  • 2. to receive and confirm the accounts
  • 3. to elect Members of the Board
  • 4. to elect the WAN-IFRA President, a First Vice President and a Treasurer
  • 5. to appoint a certified auditor where appropriate
  • 6. to agree on changes in the statutes
  • 7. to agree on a dissolution of the Association
  • 8. to expel any national association

General Assembly of Members 2022

Friday 17 June, 2022  14:30-15:00 CEST

According to Article 12 of our Statutes voting is open to the following membership categories:

  • National Associations (variable number of votes)
  • Publishing Companies (single vote)
  • News Agencies (single vote)

Other members and subsidiaries of the above are welcome to attend, but do not have voting rights. 

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