Media Policy Global Forum

WAN-IFRA is a global resource centre and a knowledge-sharing platform that allows policy experts and publishers to come together to contribute their views on where the industry is headed.  More than ever, technical concerns are becoming political and civic challenges. No technology is immune from ethical and regulatory questions.

WAN-IFRA helps publishers and their representative bodies to build a common understanding of the many challenges ahead the industry. It provides a voice to news media across the various global platforms where debate on regulation and policy take place.

The strategic agenda and activities of the Media Policy Forum are guided by the members of WAN-IFRA’s Association Directors Committee.

Strategic Focus

Intellectual Property and related Rights. WAN-IFRA represents the world’s press at WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights.

Internet governance discussions are shaping the digital publishing environment of the future, and newspapers need to be present where the talks take place. Net neutrality in particular has sparked heated debates throughout the world, from India to Latin America, to the US and most likely soon in Europe.

Privacy and Data Protection. There is an increased understanding in the news industry that use of readers’ data open up potentially new or more effective ways of monetising the relationship with the readers. But there is a critical need to strike a balance between using users’ personal data for advertising and marketing purposes on the one hand, and protecting their privacy and maintain their trust on the other.

What We Do

MONITOR  We provide our members with the policy news that are essential to their business through our blog, our social network, the Media Policy Briefing newsletter, We are publishing original research aimed at documenting our members’ advocacy efforts.

ENGAGE We organise Regional and Global Forums to enrich public debate through an analysis of the ongoing transformations of the international ecosystem and their impact on the evolution of the regulation of news media.

ADVOCATE National member associations representing news publishers task WAN-IFRA with being the global voice of the news media industry. This role is conducted in coordination with our regional and national member associations. The cases below highlight the kind of support provided in that matter. WAN-IFRA also holds associate status to represent the newspaper industry at UNESCO, consultative status at the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Council of Europe and other major international bodies.