Print Innovation Awards 2020 winners

Advertising Innovation

Entry Name: Spine Card Innovation for Mahindra Supro

Company Name: DB Corp Ltd, Bhopal, India

About: For the first time in the Indian Print Media Industry – innovation of a Spine Card Advertisement printed for the automobile client Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd for the product launch of their Mahindra Supro Maxi truck. 

Spine card of 5” x 7” Multi colour printing on both sides with the logo and design of the Supro Maxi truck pasted in the spine of the second & third pages of their newspapers in live editions – Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi), Divya Bhaskar (Gujarati) and Divya Marathi (Marathi).

Due to time constraint, centrally arranged the Vendor for printing & die-cut and packing of the Spine Card and arranged delivery to the centres in a record time of 24 Hrs. Dispatching the Spine Card along with required 3M Repositionable adhesive to centres.

What is the value for the company?

The client was very happy and so was our ad sales team as the entire project was a grand success.

Comments from jurors:

“This project is a very good example of an idea that is well implemented. A great idea that other publishers might consider for their publications, very innovative.”

Special Editions

Entry Name: Forever Project

Company Name: Stuff, Wellington, New Zealand

About: The Forever Project magazine is a quarterly special edition focused on climate change and sustainability, and inserted in Stuff Ltd.’s most-read mastheads in New Zealand. 

Climate change and sustainability are epoch-defining issues. With the Forever Project, we give our audiences world-leading, constructive coverage that makes climate change feel urgent, tangible and unignorable.

The first edition of the Forever Project magazine was published on March 25, 2020 – just as New Zealand went into nationwide alert level 4 lockdown for Covid-19. Despite the news cycle being consumed by coronavirus, the magazine drew glowing feedback from readers and other stakeholders.

Comments from jurors:

“A great combination of social commitment, identification of readers demands and engagement of advertisers” 

“Thats the most impressive of all special editions. Kept me already reading the PDF file, because it is so valuable and nicely done. Wow! Congratulation!”

Sustainability Innovation 

Entry Name: 10 MW Wind Turbine Project 

Company Name: Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd, Kerala. India

About: As a good and commendable initiative towards promoting green energy and to meet their energy requirement, they installed and commissioned a 10 MW Captive Wind Turbine plant at Palakkad, Kerala.

The plant was commissioned and connected to the grid on 28 March 2019. Average yearly energy production from the 10 MW plant is 24 million units. Also, there was a goal to be self-sufficient with energy. 

Comments from jurors:

“A real forerunner in Indian circumstances. Hopefully, they did get the attention deserved.”

Products for Young Readers 

Entry Name: Børneavisen – The children’s very own newspaper

Company Name: Børneavisen (JP/Politikens) Denmark

About: Børneavisen is a weekly print newspaper for children aged 9-12. All content is produced by our own editorial staff from based on the principle of constructive journalism and co-creation with children. We publish 24 pages on high-quality print every week with news from around the world and stories about animals, sports, food, social media, science, politics and much more.°

Our business model is subscription-based, and the newspaper is completely ad-free. Børneavisen is published as an independent newspaper in collaboration between two of Denmark’s leading newspapers, Politiken and Jyllands-Posten. In an incomprehensible world of fake news, social media, and endless streams of information, we wanted to create a safe space for children to learn about the world around them – told in a way they understand. 

We want to engage children in news and in a print media by taking the children’s hands and leading them through the somewhat confusing world of news. It is an important part of our philosophy to involve children in the making of our content. We want to understand the children and relate to their problems in an authentic way. Thus, we have a meaningful guideline to create stories in which the 2 of the 4 children can mirror themselves. 

Comments from jurors:

“This idea is extremely well-l designed and executed. This gives our youth the opportunity to evaluate news in their own country as well for worldwide news. The method that is used is lively and fund for the target group.  Well done!”

Børnavisen is an exceptionally well well-executed idea. The publication gives children the opportunity to learn about their community and the world as well, in an educational and fun way. Really well done.”

“In the times of Fake news, it is extremely important to educate our younger generations about the importance of free and impartial media outlets. There ought to be a Børnavisen in every country so fair and just conversation can thrive.” 

Product Innovation 

Entry Name: Pour and Reveal 

Company Name: Times of India, Mumbai, India

About: Pour & Reveal is a concept used to inform students about which blood group can donate to a compatible group. The intent is to engage the young readers to pour water and reveal the compatible blood groups.

Comments from jurors:

“This suggestion is an excellent idea for attracting young readers to newspapers. Publishing on a globally recognised day is wise. The playful implementation is very successful and fits the young target group perfectly. The idea thus offers both emotional and economic advantages.” 

“Excellent and engaging idea to the right audience. Educational also for adults.” 

“Very nice and absolutely creative! Congratulations!” 


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