Print Innovation Awards

Print Innovation and Sustainability in newspapers and magazines, presented by the World Printers Forum. The competition is open to newspaper and magazine publishers as well as to advertisers or advertising agencies.

Participation is confidential. WAN-IFRA will only publish the names of award winners.


Print Innovation Awards 2022

Entry Round: 1 May – 31 July 2022
Jury Evaluation: 1 Sept – 15 Sept 2022
Awards Ceremony: 26 Oct 2022 at European Printers Summit

More information and registration here.

What makes the Print Innovation Awards competition unique and why should you participate?

  • The Print Innovation Awards competition focuses exclusively on print innovation. There are many media awards, but the Print Innovation Awards have a clear print focus.
  • The Print Innovation Awards are a worldwide competition. There are many national or regional awards, but no other worldwide competition.
  • Participation in the Print Innovation Awards is simple, quick and affordable.
  • Successful projects will receive international recognition, they will be presented on stage, in print and at international events.

Which categories can you enter?

  • Advertising Innovation – Innovative advertisements or advertising campaigns in print or in a combination of print and digital. This includes technical innovations, innovations in the use and combination of materials, and innovative advertising formats. Innovative advertising typically addresses multiple senses, stimulates response and interaction, and creates surprise effects.
  • Product Innovation – Product innovations enrich existing products. They typically address new audiences, extend the brand, attract new advertisers, or enable new business models.
  • Special Editions – Special editions of periodicals usually focus on major events in a region by targeting a specific topic. They may also target special needs, such as self-promotion, customer groups or topics that are relevant for a specific date, as with an anniversary.
  • Products for Young Readers – Print products can be very attractive for young audiences. Products for young readers cover topics of interest to them and explain general news events in ways that are more understandable for them. These kinds of products can also help in developing the reader base of the future.
  • Sustainability Awareness (NEW) – Sustainability awareness is a new category. Newspapers have a fantastic platform to explain with storytelling and good images and arts the current climate challenges. We want to recognise these companies and the work they are doing to promote better living conditions on mother earth.
  • Sustainability in Print production (NEW)Sustainability in print production is a new category. Many production companies save resources such as energy and chemical products. Both to cut costs and to adhere to environmental regulations. This category will recognise all measures taken to make the printing process and the environment around it more sustainable. We are looking for companies that lead by example and are determined to make the world a better place.

An international jury of experts will assess the projects submitted. Winners are celebrated at the European Printers Summit in Klassikstadt, Frankfurt.

Winners of the past Print Innovation Awards.

The winners of the Print Innovation Awards 2022 will be honoured on stage on October 26 during the European Printers Summit. We congratulate all successful participants!

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