Empowering news publishers in local communities

2021-09-22. COVID-19 forced local news publishers to quickly adapt to a sudden digital transformation in their day-to-day operations. Many media houses have already shifted to being partially or fully-digital but others are still struggling to find their footing in monetising their news content online.

How to make money using data: Perspectives from The News Lens and Kompas Gramedia

2021-09-20. The media industry is increasingly data driven. During WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference, speakers from The News Lens and Kompas Gramedia shared how they successfully monetised data through their different stages of growth.

Creative strategies for increasing revenue from Vice, Mediacorp

2021-09-15. During a session at WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference, speakers from Vice and Mediacorp discussed their creative strategies for driving higher revenues.

Word of mouth helps Zetland achieve 40 percent membership growth

2021-09-14. In just six years, Denmark-based Zetland has built up a loyal membership base that is well on its way to equalling 1 percent of the country’s adult population. This base is providing the ad-free publisher with the financial foundation it needs to keep giving members what they want.

Data privacy compliance: Value lies in earned trust and consent

2021-09-14. As countries ramp up privacy regulations, developing data privacy-compliant platforms will help publishers avoid hefty fines while rewarding them with users who trust them and will consent to letting their information be used for advertising and other purposes.

How high quality niche products can help publishers diversify revenue streams

2021-09-10. Consumers will pay for content that is timely and resonates with them, even in tough markets like Indonesia, where publishers have struggled to persuade users to pay, according to speakers at WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference.

How The New York Times prepared itself for a cookieless world

2021-09-09. Google’s delay in phasing out third-party cookies until the end of 2023 offers a temporary relief to news publishers, but many still need to find alternatives.

Programmatic offers potential for publishers in Asia, but obstacles remain

2021-09-09. Streaming video or CTV ads are becoming increasingly popular, while the industry is still trying to develop better business models for digital games and outdoor advertising.

No longer niche, gaming offers reach to younger audiences

2021-09-08. As the gaming industry’s audience size surpasses the film, music and television industries combined, news publishers around the world need to give the sector the recognition it deserves.

Germany’s Nordkurier creates newsletter to connect with former residents

2021-09-07. Nordkurier, a news publisher based in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the country’s northeast, has created a weekly newsletter that aims to strengthen the bonds between people who used to live in the region with the area’s present and its future.