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Potsdam’s Matthias Voß: ‘Printed newspapers will continue to exist’

2022-03-23. After more than 30 years in the industry, Matthias Voß retired as Head of Printing at Pressedruck Potsdam GmbH at the end of February. In this interview, he shares his insights about the major production changes of recent decades as well as how he sees regional newspapers in Germany developing in the years to come.

Automated content fills in reporting gaps at US local media group McClatchy

2022-03-21. About a year ago US local media group McClatchy identified some gaps in their local reporting – topics they could see were driving new audiences, but which the newsrooms didn’t have the reporters to cover. The publisher decided to start using robots to do bulk routine reporting on “gap” topics like high school sports and real estate sales, and such automated content is now published in ten of their markets. | Sponsored Content

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Bootcamp helps Manorama Online boost its Media Time by 15 percent

2022-03-16. India’s Manorama Online recently took part in a subscription bootcamp, which was offered by WAN-IFRA and supported by the Meta Journalism Project India. The programme kicked off last October and ended earlier this year.

Amid Ukraine crisis, WAN-IFRA president urges support for independent media

2022-03-11. “In the interest of trust in our craft, and for all our futures, I urge you to pledge your support for our work that keeps journalists safe, journalism independent, and the public informed” Fernando de Yarza, President, WAN-IFRA

New WAN-IFRA report reveals how publishers are banking on AI to drive their business

2022-02-15. More than 75 percent of news executives surveyed in a just-published WAN-IFRA report say they believe Artificial Intelligence is critical for the success of their business by 2024. As editors warm to the idea of using AI to help grow their subscription business and improve workflows, there is still a long way to go to reach true adoption.

One vision of today’s modern CMS: The invisible CMS

2022-02-09. The physical footprint of the newsroom CMS has changed radically in the last few years. At the same time, its role in driving productivity and innovation in the news operation has never been more important. | Sponsored Content

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Andreas Gierth, F.A.Z.: „Wir sehen Print als wichtigen Teil unseres Kerngeschäfts“

2022-02-15. Mit dieser Ausgabe unseres World Printers Forum-Newsletters starten wir eine neue Interview-Reihe. Das erste Interview führen wir mit Andreas Gierth, Leiter Herstellung und Strategischer Einkauf bei der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung. Er spricht mit uns darüber, warum man sich für das Outsourcing des Drucks entschieden hat, wie man hohe Qualitätsstandards aufrechterhält und wie er die Zukunft des Drucks sieht.

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FAZ’s Gierth: ‘We see print as an important part of our core business’

2022-02-15. With the most recent edition of our World Printers Forum newsletter, we introduced a new series of interviews. Our first is with Andreas Gierth, Head of Production and Strategic Procurement at Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who talks to us about why they decided to outsource their printing, how they maintain high quality standards and how he sees the future of print.

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Le Parisien’s Buying Power newsletter resonates with readers

2022-01-31. Like many progressive news publishers, France’s Le Parisien offers its readers an array of newsletters focused on a variety of topics from the day’s top stories to ones that focus on politics, entertainment, sports and so on. But it’s one called “Ça me rapporte” (Buying Power) that has particularly resonated with its audience.

How publishers are using ecommerce strategies to boost revenue from digital subscriptions

2022-01-31. Selling digital subscriptions is no longer enough, there is a growing demand for ecommerce based media subscription platforms that allow publishers to activate new cross-selling and upselling strategies. | Sponsored Content