How NYT’s Wirecutter navigated the COVID-19 e-commerce boom

COVID-19 hit the media industry in 2020 and sent advertising revenues crashing. However, ecommerce revenues, through affiliate programmes, grew rapidly. Here’s how NYT’s Wirecutter dealt with the pandemic.

Tribune: ‘The best kinds of leads come to us through newsletter promotion’

2021-06-02. While US-based Tribune Publishing has mainly been in the news recently for being bought by hedge fund Alden Global Capital, the company also deserves recognition for their digital subscription growth.

El periódico español Diario de Navarra adapta sus estrategias para impulsar las suscripciones digitales

2021-06-01. A lo largo del año pasado, el personal del Diario de Navarra (DN), un periódico regional con sede en Pamplona, España, ha redoblado sus esfuerzos para impulsar las suscripciones digitales.

Spain’s Diario de Navarra refining strategies to boost digital subscribers

2021-06-01. During the past year, the staff of Diario de Navarra (DN), a regional news publisher based in Pamplona, Spain, have been intensifying their efforts to drive digital subscriptions. 

What’s up at the Straits Times?

2021-05-19. Amid the global search for sustainable business models for news publishers, Singapore Press Holdings plans to transfer its media businesses, including the Straits Times and Business Times, to a not-for-profit entity. It’s an initiative from the group’s corporate and editorial leaders in response to the relentless shareholder pressure. We asked SPH’s editor in chief, Warren Fernandez, for the background.

Contextual targeting emerging as alternative to third-party cookies

2021-05-17. January 2022 will mark a turning point in the advertising market with the end of third-party cookies. Some news publishers have been already working to adapt to the new post-cookie world in which contextual advertising will play an important role.

How science journalism accelerated Süddeutsche Zeitung’s digital subscriptions

2021-05-03. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the German newspaper has seen its digital subscriptions grow by over 60%. A major factor behind this increase is the publisher’s long-term commitment to quality science reporting.

Real change starts by shifting your own mindset

A new WAN-IFRA report looks at the radical steps needed to transform the culture of your media business. And ignition starts with you, suggests Dmitry Shishkin.

68 percent of news website readers are first-time visitors: Piano

2021-04-26. Don’t underestimate the power of email, which is 2.5 times more effective in acquiring subscribers than users going directly to site (and don’t be afraid to ask readers to pay!), says Piano.

Publisher spend: A bigger focus on the newsroom

Editorial and content production now make up a third of news organisations’ costs, according to WAN-IFRA’s recently published World Press Trends Outlook report.