One vision of today’s modern CMS: The invisible CMS

2022-02-09. The physical footprint of the newsroom CMS has changed radically in the last few years. At the same time, its role in driving productivity and innovation in the news operation has never been more important. | Sponsored Content

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FAZ’s Gierth: ‘We see print as an important part of our core business’

2022-02-15. With the most recent edition of our World Printers Forum newsletter, we introduced a new series of interviews. Our first is with Andreas Gierth, Head of Production and Strategic Procurement at Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who talks to us about why they decided to outsource their printing, how they maintain high quality standards and how he sees the future of print.

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Le Parisien’s Buying Power newsletter resonates with readers

2022-01-31. Like many progressive news publishers, France’s Le Parisien offers its readers an array of newsletters focused on a variety of topics from the day’s top stories to ones that focus on politics, entertainment, sports and so on. But it’s one called “Ça me rapporte” (Buying Power) that has particularly resonated with its audience.

How publishers are using ecommerce strategies to boost revenue from digital subscriptions

2022-01-31. Selling digital subscriptions is no longer enough, there is a growing demand for ecommerce based media subscription platforms that allow publishers to activate new cross-selling and upselling strategies. | Sponsored Content

WAN-IFRA releases a new report to help understand audiences in a deeper way

2022-01-24. Our new report looks into how 10 European newspapers adopted an audience-centric mindset during the Table Stakes Europe programme, allowing them to serve their audiences with targeted content, and helping to transform casual readers into loyal subscribers. Their stories can also be explored in our Knowledge Base, a new resource centre dedicated to digital transformation and audience-focused workflows.

News media and environmental sustainability: What’s next for ‘green media’?

2022-01-17. News publishers report on climate change with an increased focus – but how does the industry approach its own environmental sustainability? The French press has reduced its ecological impact significantly over the last few years, thanks to a mix of regulations and voluntary commitments. Meanwhile, Schibsted’s approach to sustainability can help individual publishers with decreasing their emissions.

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Ken Doctor’s Lookout Local proving out its model and planning a network

2022-01-14. Ken Doctor and a small, but growing, number of locally minded publishers are beginning to prove they can keep their communities well informed while still running healthy, sustainable news businesses.

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Audience engagement at hybrid-model digital media houses: Tips from Scroll

2022-01-01. Scroll, one of the first purely-digital media outlets in India, follows a hybrid business model that includes reader revenue, advertising, donations and more. Karnika Kohli, growth manager at ScrollStack, believes this makes audience engagement very different for Scroll compared to those who follow a single model.

How a data-centric approach helps increase audience engagement

2021-12-31. Digital transition can at times seem a daunting task, particularly for media houses that have developed a newsroom culture over the years centred on their core product. Getting familiar with data and making use of insights to increase engagement can help, says Esra Dogramaci, Managing Editor at SBS News, Australia.

How The Quint increased traffic by 200 percent in 6 months

2021-12-29. From May to October 2021, India-based digital news publisher The Quint’s traffic went up by around 200 percent. Nidhi Mahajan, Associate Editor (Team Lead), Audience Engagement at The Quint attributes this to the audience engagement strategies the publisher has been pursuing.