Global advertisers discuss shift of classifieds to digital, both online and mobile

Advertisers from around the world gathered at the 23rd World Advertising Forum to discuss current trends in classified advertising, and the importance for news organisations to establish a presence on digital platforms. Classifieds have been a traditional revenue driver for print newspapers, but this model has been increasingly challenged by the advent of pure players and online competitors.

‘Reinvent or we will fail’

“At RBS, today everything is about breaking paradigms. If we don’t break paradigms, we will fail,” said Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, CEO of RBS, a leading Brazilian regional multimedia publishing group.

DMG Media CEO shares ideas on success of MailOnline, Mail Newspapers

For decades, media executives have been discussing new business models for news, a trend exacerbated by the boom of digital news. Kevin Beatty, CEO of DMG Media in the UK, part of DMGT, which owns the world’s most popular newspaper site, MailOnline, was among the speakers who shared ideas on how news organizations can successfully make the transition to the digital world, during the third session of the 65th World Newspaper Congress.

Publishers Launch Global Exchange on Copyright

On the sidelines of the World Newspaper Congress, publishers gathered to share experiences, at the global level, with online content aggregators and how they impact the news business. The IP and Copyright Forum is born.

Some best practices for charging for digital content

Over the years, news outlets have experimented with a variety of models for online paid content. There’s no secret recipe, but here are some examples of the best practices for paid content, based on research by the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association, presented by Digital Director Geir Engen during the World Newspaper Congress in Bangkok.

Paywalls are good for journalism, believes Globe and Mail’s John Stackhouse

“Paywalls work if they are supporting good journalism,” said John Stackhouse, editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail, presenting in the Paywalls: To charge or not to charge session at the World Newspaper Congress in Bangkok.

‘This is the time to take bold steps,’ says Gannett president

In the opening keynote address at the World Newspaper Congress in Bangkok, Robert Dickey, President US Community Publishing, Gannett Company, discussed the major changes his company made across its more than 80 newspapers in 2012.

An optimistic outlook on the news market in post-Soviet States

Five international speakers discussed their respective markets for newspapers, in a panel entitled “Around the World in 60 Minutes,” held during the opening session of the 65th World Newspaper Congress, 20th World Editors Forum and 23rd World Advertising Forum in Bangkok.

European publishers need to build new businesses, says FAZ CEO

European publishers are currently facing two main challenges, said Tobias Trevisan, CEO of Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the country’s top quality daily newspaper, during the “Around the world in 60 minutes” session today during the World Newspaper Congress in Bangkok.

Defending profit margins through transformation at Singapore Press Holdings

With a profit margin of 35%, many newspaper publishers would consider Singapore Press Holdings to be in an enviable position. But Patrick Daniel, editor-in-chief of the company’s English and Malay language newspapers, says that guarding that margin is a tough challenge. Daniel was speaking at the opening session of the World Newspaper Congress in Bangkok.