Want to reach younger audiences? Help is likely already working in your newsroom

2023-02-23. Ask a major news publisher which new readers they’d most like to reach, and odds are their first response will be “younger audiences.”

Joe Kahn: Political polarisation poses a major challenge for journalism

2023-02-08. The New York Times Executive Editor, a former foreign correspondent in Asia, will have been in the editor’s chair a year when he takes to the stage at this year’s World News Media Congress in Taipei in June 2023. Shortly before he took control of the newsroom, Kahn outlined some of his priorities in an interview with Fernando Belzunce, which we are republishing here with permission.

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At The Seattle Times, 70 percent of revenue now comes from readers

2023-01-25. “You can have the most sophisticated funnel, the best retention tools on the planet, spend a fortune on your tech stack, but if your content is bad, if you’ve gutted your newsroom, if you’re publishing two or three local stories a day, I say save your money on all your retention efforts because you’re still going to fail,” says Alan Fisco, President of The Seattle Times.

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How the Star Tribune aims to retain its 100,000 digital subscribers

2023-01-12. “Our goal is to discuss retention as often as we discuss acquisition,” says Toby Collodora, Senior Manager of Retention and Engagement for the US-based Star Tribune.

Why disinformation journalism should expand beyond fact-checking

2023-01-06. Experts from BBC, AFP and Coda Story discuss why debunking disinformation is necessary, how the information ecosystem has changed in the last few years, and why in addition to fact-checking journalists should cover disinformation as a news topic.

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How Bloomberg develops products to boost subscriptions

2022-12-13. In early December, Bloomberg Media CEO M. Scott Havers told staff in a memo that the company now has more than 450,000 subscribers. At our recent Congress, Julia Beizer, Bloomberg’s Chief Product Officer, described how their product development is helping drive that success.

Do you have a story to share about innovation, transformation or success in your news organisation?

2022-12-08. Do you have a story to share about innovation, transformation or success in your news organisation? We’re inviting suggestions for case studies and speakers to include in the 2023 Congress programme.

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How The New York Times is growing subscription products beyond news

2022-11-29. The New York Times recently announced they added 180,000 digital-only subscribers during the third quarter, and they are on track to reach their goal of 15 million subscribers by 2027.

What publishers can learn from first news media Web3 experiments

2022-11-03. Blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and other terms related to the decentralised web are becoming part of the mainstream discourse, and many media outlets have started experimenting with their own Web3 solutions. A panel discussion at the World News Media Congress 2022 shared advice on how news publishers can get started with their own Web3 projects.

Taiwan to host WAN-IFRA’s 2023 World News Media Congress

2022-11-03. The 74th World News Media Congress, which draws together news media leaders from all over the world, will take place from 28 to 30 June 2023 in Taipei.