How The New York Times thrived during a chaotic year

In a conversation with The New York Times’ Managing Editor, Joseph Kahn (pictured), South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu discussed with him how the Times has weathered the pandemic with its best-ever results of nearly 600,000 new subscriptions in Q1 2020 alone, how to prepare the newsroom for reader revenue, the product journey, the inevitable discussion around US-China relations, and the upcoming US elections against the backdrop of a still-raging pandemic.

Amid pandemic, Norway’s Dagens Næringsliv finds success with wine

In building a brand around Dagens Næringsliv’s wine journalist Merete Bø, and putting her wine reviews behind the paywall, the content achieved one of the highest conversion rates per article from free to paid this year.

Prepare your newsroom for future health crises

2020-10-30. Scientists are warning that we may be entering a looming age of pandemics. Epidemics may be more frequent, with many viruses coming from animals, and spreading more easily because of global travel.

Lenfest Institute: working with the Philly Inquirer as a ‘tech kitchen’ for COVID innovation and more

2020-10-29. What may be unique about the Lenfest Institute’s relationship with the Inquirer is its business structure – a not-for-profit supporting a for-profit – versus those newsrooms that are now exclusively not-for-profit, or those publishers that are owned by a foundation, and are themselves not-for-profit.

Is the remote newsroom here to stay?

Will newsrooms ever go back to the way they were before the pandemic? During WAN-IFRA’s virtual Newsroom Summit, news media executives discussed how they’ve been operating during the past several months, and which changes brought about by the coronavirus are likely to stay.

How NYT aims to reach 10 million digital subscribers

In 2019, The New York Times set a goal to achieve 10 million digital subscribers by 2025. Only a few years ago this might have seemed a pipe dream for the company. After all, when NYT launched its digital paywall in 2011, its goal was to garner 1-2 million digital subscribers.

Partly back in its newsroom, Norway’s Dagens Næringsliv sees benefits in flexibility

Dagens Næringsliv (DN), a leading Norwegian news company known for its business reporting, investigative and feature journalism has been gradually bringing back some staff to its physical newsroom to a level of about 50 percent of what it was pre-COVID.

Has COVID-19 changed the news industry’s course for the better?

Younger workers desire flexibility and remote work options, and the coronavirus pandemic may just have given the news industry the push it needed to be able to attract them, says Jennifer Bertetto, President and CEO of Pittsburgh-based publisher Trib Total Media.

How podcasting is developing in Africa

Podcasts are a rare point of growth in the current media landscape. They are valued for convenience, intimacy, and choice. The younger, better educated audience is also highly desirable to advertisers.

Comic strips, real-time dashboards, WhatsApp podcasts: South African newsrooms’ COVID-19 offerings

This year, WAN-IFRA introduced a Members’ Choice Award in the category of “Best COVID-19 Special Project” as part of its Digital Media Africa Awards competition.