How science journalism accelerated Süddeutsche Zeitung’s digital subscriptions

2021-05-03. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the German newspaper has seen its digital subscriptions grow by over 60%. A major factor behind this increase is the publisher’s long-term commitment to quality science reporting.

Real change starts by shifting your own mindset

A new WAN-IFRA report looks at the radical steps needed to transform the culture of your media business. And ignition starts with you, suggests Dmitry Shishkin.

New Guide to Help Activate Cultural Change for News Publishers Launched

2021-04-28. WAN-IFRA publishes a new guide to help media executives initiate change in their newsrooms. The handbook summarizes key lessons shared during the Cultural Change Ignition Program for Latin American News Publishers.

68 percent of news website readers are first-time visitors: Piano

2021-04-26. Don’t underestimate the power of email, which is 2.5 times more effective in acquiring subscribers than users going directly to site (and don’t be afraid to ask readers to pay!), says Piano.

Publisher spend: A bigger focus on the newsroom

Editorial and content production now make up a third of news organisations’ costs, according to WAN-IFRA’s recently published World Press Trends Outlook report.

Managing media companies in uncertain times

2021-04-21. Industry leaders recently shared how they are powering the transition to new business models, reframing organisational culture and making the case for more diversity, equity and inclusion during a panel session at our recent Asian Media Leaders eSummit.

Investigative journalism and lean workflow propel Italy’s new Domani towards subscription target

2021-04-21. Launched in the midst of the pandemic, Domani is on track to reach its paid subscription goal, with young adults making up a quarter of its readers.

Building loyalty and revenues from younger readers through local content

2021-04-20. COVID-19 has pushed publishers to diversify their revenue sources. By focusing on local content, digital events and building loyalty, especially among younger audiences, publishers can grow their reader revenue.

Facebook News to support publishers in exploring new revenue streams

2021-04-20. The tech company adds it will give attention to five key areas as it assists journalism businesses and content creators in audience engagement, subscription and retention.

Can’t we bury the ‘build it and they will come’ approach?

2021-04-19. “‘Build it, and they will come’ is still very much the default mindset for our industry.” That’s how Corrine Podger, Director at Digital Skills Agency, Australia, kicked off a session about a more audience-centric approach to products during the Asian Media Leaders eSummit 2021.