Sun paywall launches today, but editor assures ‘we are not becoming digital-first’

Sun+ launches today, making The Sun the first national British tabloid and the last of News UK’s titles to erect a paywall. Despite revamped apps and other offerings to entice new subscribers, Digital Editor Derek Brown promised, “We are not becoming digital-first.”

Twitter abuse case echoes news orgs’ comment moderation dilemma

Twitter’s pointed passivity in the Caroline Criado-Perez rape threat case is about more than just the cost of policing tweets. The site is clinging to its critical yet unstable distinction as a communications platform, not a publisher, to shirk legal responsibility for offensive and unlawful tweets. News organizations are tiptoeing this same line as they develop their commenting policies: While many think moderation is “essential,” passivity sometimes better protects them.

For the El Tiempo publishing house in Colombia, alliances are the key

Jon Ruiz, CEO of Casa Editorial El Tiempo, editor of Colombia’s leading national newspaper and many other publications, joined the company in 2004, having worked for Unilever for five years and Philip Morris for 15 years. On October 30-31, he will give a presentation at the WAN-IFRA Digital Media Latin America 2013 conference in Bogotá. We spoke to him before the event to get an idea of ​​the challenges that a successful Latin American publisher faces in the Internet age.

Il Fatto online is Italy’s third most-visited news site

The Italian news title has found a lot to celebrate during the first six months of 2013. Not only did an Audiweb survey show that’s homepage was the third most-visited of all of Italy’s general news homepages, the publication was also voted Italy’s most independent online news source, according to a Human Highway poll.

WSJ: Interactivity will become the norm

Though The Wall Street Journal’s interactive, first-person point-of-view video on the Affordable Care Act generated lots of buzz earlier this month, such features will soon become the norm at the newspaper, Neal Mann, multimedia innovations editor, told

ABC emulates BBC with links to commercial news sites

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will pilot a new service designed to funnel its online audience to other news media sites. Managing director of the ABC Mark Scott will unveil the plans in a speech to the Australia American Chamber of Commerce in Sydney, reports The Australian, which managed to get an advanced copy of Scott’s announcement.

What Google’s just-announced Chromecast means for news orgs

Google’s recently-announced Chromecast dongle will bring Internet video to TV for just US$ 35, giving traditional news organizations a chance to establish themselves as video providers and better compete with broadcast news.

La Nación multimedia editor: Innovation is the ‘antidote’ to journalism crisis

As newsrooms trim budgets and staff, La Nación in Argentina has poured resources into expanding its NACION Data team. Since its creation in 2011, LN Data has exposed corruption in Senate spending, unearthed hard-to-access census data and hosted the first DATAFEST in Argentina. NACION Data was nominated in two categories at this year’s Data Journalism Awards and took home a title for its Senate expenses research, which found officials were being reimbursed for trips they never took.

Publishers pressured to promise ad viewability after study finds half of ads do not appear

Following a comScore study that found more than half of display ads go unseen, advertisers are demanding promises of viewability that publishers have explicitly been told not to provide.

Native advertising isn’t what you think it is

The media industry has been using the phrases “native advertising,” “sponsored content,” “advertorials,” “branded content” and “content marketing” interchangeably, but there are important distinctions between the terms. It might seem nitpicky to insist that proper definitions are established and followed, but unless the industry can agree on the lingo then it may never be on the same page in important discussions on the ethics of content marketing.