WAN-IFRA consolida actividades en América Latina y España: consultorías, nuevos miembros y eventos

2022-03-16. El año 2022 será un año clave para la Asociación Mundial de Editores de Noticias (WAN-IFRA) en América Latina y España. El primer trimestre se caracterizó por la consolidación de su servicio de consultoría con el objetivo de promover la aceleración digital y la sustentabilidad de los medios. Igualmente, se sumaron cuatro nuevos miembros a la comunidad WAN-IFRA; la Agencia EFE,  la diaria de Uruguay, el Grupo Atlántida de Argentina, y Medios Masivos Mexicanos. 

New UNESCO report: Making the case for journalism as a public good

2022-03-10. As the news media industry continues to face a multitude of threats, UNESCO calls on governments to take action to ensure journalism can continue to function as a public good.

Digital Media India 2022: Technology and audience focus crucial for digital transformation

2022-03-10. WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media India (DMI) conference was held virtually from 8 to 10 March. The event hosted the South Asian Digital Media Awards 2021 presentation where The Hindu and HT Media Ltd. emerged as Champion Publishers of the Year. 

Member Exclusive

How Jagran New Media charted a sustainable business through audience segmentation

2022-03-07. Bharat Gupta, CEO, Jagran New Media, India, joined WAN-IFRA’s recent World News Media Congress to talk about how the brand started a transformative journey of decoding audience behaviour three years ago and consequently based its product strategy on the same. 

The Reporters’ Collective – a collaborative, investigative effort

2022-03-04. Nitin Sethi is the co-founder of The Reporters’ Collective — a multi-lingual, multi-format investigative platform. He talks to WAN-IFRA about the motivation behind launching the Collective, its business model, and what sets it apart in the investigative journalism beat in India.

Behind BloombergQuint’s thriving subscription business

2022-02-28. BloombergQuint (BQ), a joint venture of Bloomberg News and Quintillion Media, was one of the first Indian digital companies to implement a paywall in 2018. As of the end of 2021, it now has 65,000 paying subscribers.

NIKKEI’s new app feature deepens users’ engagement, knowledge and loyalty

2022-02-24. NIKKEI, Japan’s largest financial publisher, has launched a new version of its mobile app, NIKKEI Wave, showing users how much knowledge they are gaining about the topics they care about by analysing the content they engage with – ultimately making that measurement a key part of their daily life. | Sponsored Content

#BehindTheHeadlines: The Globe and Mail shows what underpins its investigative climate journalism

2022-02-17. The Canadian newspaper made available the sources of an investigative climate story, giving readers access to more than 180 files as part of a campaign to show what underpins its journalism.

New WAN-IFRA report reveals how publishers are banking on AI to drive their business

2022-02-15. More than 75 percent of news executives surveyed in a just-published WAN-IFRA report say they believe Artificial Intelligence is critical for the success of their business by 2024. As editors warm to the idea of using AI to help grow their subscription business and improve workflows, there is still a long way to go to reach true adoption.

How to harness human bias in algorithmic content curation

2022-02-06. How can news organisations harness human bias in algorithmic content curation? Sonali Verma, the Globe and Mail’s Senior Product Manager, Analytics Products, explains how they created an AI system that incorporates the best of human judgment as well as machine learning, with safeguards built in to prevent the machine from descending into clickbait hell. | Sponsored Content