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How The Guardian and AFP used machine learning to understand quotes

2022-05-11. Quotes have always been used in news articles to bring life to a story and, more importantly, to add authenticity, accuracy and balance. Data scientists at The Guardian and AFP have found a way to give quotes a life of their own and to ensure that the accuracy and attribution of the sources are ironclad – thanks in part to AI.

Q&A: ‘News orgs are in danger of being culturally left behind when it comes to mental health’

2022-05-09. Amid a lot of talk about sustainability of media organisations, what of the ability of your journalists to keep going? Cătălina Albeanu, Digital editor at Decât o Revistă, asked John Crowley, co-founder of Headlines Network, about the conversations news organisations need to be having around mental health.

Indonesia: Where the advertising business model for media still works

2022-05-05. While media in many countries are ceding the battle for advertising revenue to platforms like Google and Facebook, some of the world’s most populated countries are taking a different direction, and going head to head with the giants. This case study on IDN Media is drawn from a collection of inspiring initiatives on ensuring media visibility, written by Larry Kilman for UNESCO.

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Here’s how well The Atlantic understands its audience

2022-05-05. “We have talked to thousands of current, prospective and cancelled subscribers. We know that when it comes to topics of great interest that are more genre specific, the audience is well served. We are still a general interest news magazine, but there are a few things that set us apart from our competitive set,” says Emily Goligoski, Executive Director, Audience Research, for The Atlantic.

#BehindTheHeadlines: How The Quint helped give a voice to some of India’s COVID Orphans

2022-05-05. In the build-up to this year’s World News Day on 28 September, a global campaign by the World Editors Forum and Canadian Journalism Foundation o show journalism makes a difference, we will be going #BehindTheHeadlines to highlight stories, like this one from The Quint, India, that have had a significant social impact.

Afghan Journalist Appeal: Fahim Abed rebuilds career at the Tribune-Review 

2022-04-29. This is the story of Fahim Abed, who recently joined the team at the Tribune-Review in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania via our Afghan Journalist Appeal and the global call for work opportunities.

Women in News Holds Timely Journalists’ Training On Coverage Of Upcoming Elections In Lebanon

2022-04-28. WAN-IFRA’s Women in News held a three-day training on the coverage of general elections as part of its coaching efforts to help young journalists navigate through one of Lebanon’s most controversial and divisive polls.

‘We, the media’ – WAN-IFRA Members step up in support of the Ukrainian press

2022-04-26. With an unprecedented response to the call for support to our Ukrainian colleagues over the past weeks, WAN-IFRA issues heartfelt thanks to all our members and partners who are helping ensure the independent press in Ukraine maintains its resistance in the face of ongoing conflict.

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How taps regional audiences in India through video

2022-04-26. People Like Us Create ( is a start-to-finish creator economy system where creators are equipped with the required technology, resources and platforms to produce, market and monetise content in a factual, fact-checked manner that launched about four and a half years ago.

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How ToI+ drives subscriptions through data-driven user analysis

2022-04-12. Times of India’s premium subscription product, ToI+, was launched in March 2021 to double down on the growing opportunity around reader revenue. The brand now has more than 120,000 paying users.