WAN-IFRA Unveils Innovate Local Programme to Drive Media Innovation and Sustainability.

2024-01-31. WAN-IFRA announces the launch of Innovate Local, the first global forum for local media. Through the Innovate Local programme, media professionals will be able to exchange actionable and scalable ideas with a focus on opportunities and problems unique to the business of local journalism. The initiative addresses small and midsized local media and local entities of bigger media groups.

Digital Media Awards South Asia 2023 Unveils Top Honours for Digital Media Excellence

2024-01-29. The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) announced the results for the seventh edition of Digital Media Awards South Asia. HT Labs, The Hindu, Prothom Alo, The Quint, and BBC News emerged as the DMA South Asia 2023 winners among more than 100 entries from news publishers across South Asia.

3D Theory of Change: new tool helps create and measure newsroom impact

2023-01-25. Building your Roadmap for Impact, a new report by climateXchange, is out now to help newsrooms navigate the process of change, with the aim of increasing the impact of climate content.

Automation helps Norway’s Fosna-Folket convert users

2024-01-17. Norway’s Polaris Media has been highly tactical in deploying automated content in its newsrooms. One example is its Fosna-Folket title, which has used automation to leverage subscriptions.

AI, sustainability, and elections: global editors share key concerns for 2024

2024-01-12. Globally, news media faces an uncertain future, compounded by general mistrust, big tech challenges, and mis/disinformation at scale. The good news is that across the world, editors, publishers and newsroom leaders are (mostly) up to the challenge.

Sales expertise, gender diversity key to digital media success, initiative finds

2024-01-11. Digital native companies with dedicated sales teams and solid gender diversity are more successful than those that do not, according to findings from a year-long multi-national research initiative by Project Oasis.

Argentina’s Clarín introduces AI assistant UalterAI to help boost engagement

2024-01-11. Argentina’s Clarín has added an AI tool to its website to enhance reader engagement. On each published story, readers can now choose AI written summaries, select alternative formats and find additional context for the original news item.

Mastering frontpage engagement: Norway’s VG aligns strategy and analytics

2024-01-04. Verdens Gang (VG) is Norway’s largest news website. In navigating the delicate balance between news integrity, reader engagement, and revenue generation, has crafted a unique, data-driven approach.

The 5 factors driving Schibsted’s digital transformation

2023-12-22. We have written numerous times about how Schibsted in the Nordics serves as an ongoing reference in the industry for “digital transformation” done right. Of course digital transformation looks different from publisher to publisher, with different KPIs, different approaches, different successes. Here is what it looks like for Schibsted today.

Game changer: AI takes the lead in our Top 10 editorial stories from 2023

2023-12-20. Looking back on a tumultuous 2023, it’s not surprising that, through war, climate crises and political and economic turmoil, the introduction of ChatGPT saw AI grabbing global headlines – and our editorials offering sage advice, resources and tools in countering this new disruption, proved our most popular reads.