Challenges raised by AI regarding the right to information

2023-09-28. In August 2023, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) invited fifteen international organisations, including WAN-IFRA, to draw up an Artificial Intelligence Charter in Media. As part of the work of a steering group headed by journalist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa, RSF published a working paper to provide an indicative and non-exhaustive review of challenges raised by AI concerning the right to information.

Access to information must remain a fundamental right  

2023-09-15. While the immediacy and ease of available information is beyond any previous generation’s wildest imaginings, access to it is a long way from universal.

Originator Profile: Cross-industry project aims for safer cyberspace

2023-09-27. Yomiuri Shimbun, along with other media and tech companies in Japan, have introduced a special project for news and advertiser safety – Originator Profile. Although in testing phase, the technology aims to provide transparency in news articles and safe advertisements that are third-party verified, thus preventing the distribution of fake news content and ad fraud.

Can better migrant reporting help quell hate?

2023-09-15. Immigration is a divisive issue worldwide. What role does media play in fuelling emotions and can explicit ethical guidelines on reporting migration help address the rhetoric?

World’s Press calls for immediate release of Congolese journalist Stanis Bujakera

2023-09-13. WAN-IFRA calls for the release of well-known journalist Stanis Bujakera Tshiamala, who is being held arbitrarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on charges of “spreading false rumours” and “false information” in connection to a story that did not carry his byline.

Ugandan editor finds seven lessons for transformation when exploring Zambia’s media resilience

2023-09-12. A cross-border benchmarking project by WAN-IFRA Women in News explored Zambia’s media industry, and found it resilient and adaptable – but not without challenges.

SEEN and heard: An editor inspired by the hustle of ordinary South Africans

2023-09-08. Nwabisa Makunga, editor of The Sowetan, and a board member of the World Editors Forum, is one of the few women editors of a major national newspaper in South Africa. She will be participating in the Digital Media Africa online conference on 13-14 September. Here, Glenda Nevill, Editor of The Media Online, talks to her about her career and challenges of being a woman editor.

How Vox keeps users engaged while staying true to its origins

2023-09-07. Vox Editor in Chief Swati Sharma recently discussed how their strategy helps them stay people-first and adaptable, and why culture is the most important thing you can build in your newsroom.

Global Publishing and Journalism Organizations Unite to Release Comprehensive Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence

2023-09-06. Twenty-six organizations representing thousands of creative professionals around the world, including news, entertainment, magazine, and book publishing companies and the academic publishing sector, released Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence.

New role for WAN-IFRA, World Editors Forum board member, Toyosi Ogunseye

2023-08-30. The first recipient of WAN-IFRA’s Women in News Editorial Leadership Award, in 2014, named as President and CEO of the Presidential Precinct in the USA, after two decades in the news business.