Perugia Declaration for Ukraine: Call for increased support of independent media and journalists in Ukraine

2022-04-09. The safety and security of all journalists to report freely are essential to ensure that the world understands the reality and facts of the ongoing war, including the humanitarian consequences. Members and partners of the Global Forum for Media Development, of which WAN-IFRA is part, have launched a declaration at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia in solidarity with media and journalists in Ukraine.

Heidenheimer Zeitung tackles newsroom reorganisation based on habits and concerns of local readers

2022-04-08. Over the last couple of years, the German newspaper has made significant progress in establishing a new digital-first, audience-focused workflow. This has led to a profound change in how it covers local news, and the creation of a new product – an evening news summary – that matches its readers’ interests and habits.

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Washington Post doubling the size of its Visual Forensics team

2022-04-07. The Washington Post’s award-winning Visual Forensics department has announced a major expansion and added six new roles on the Video, Design and Investigative desks to bolster news coverage using video storytelling.

An editor’s homage to real journalists, a dying breed

2022-04-06. Real Journalists are an ageing species under threat of extinction. We record their characteristics here so we can remember them one day, writes Branko Brkic, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Maverick, South Africa.

Oslobođenje: 30 years after war began in Europe, a story of hope for news publishers

2022-04-04. This weekend, Sarajevo daily Oslobođenje released a special edition to commemorate the siege of Sarajevo and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an armed conflict that lasted between 1992 and 1995. It highlights the role and value of independent journalism during conflict and when rebuilding a nation.

Oslobođenje special: The international media in besieged Sarajevo

2022-04-04. Many foreign correspondents who reported from Sarajevo during the siege view it as the most important story of their careers. Kenneth Morrison, Professor of History at De Montfort University in the UK, recalls what the experience was like, and talks about the changes that occurred in the practice of journalism. 

Oslobođenje special: Editor-in-Chief Kemal was the guiding star

2022-04-04. Journalist Tom Gjelten pays tribute to the work of Oslobođenje’s staff and then Editor-in-Chief Kemal Kurspahić during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighting the role the newspaper played in maintaining the morale of those affected by the conflict.

Oslobođenje special: A reporter has to determine the ground truth

2022-04-04. War correspondents often bear witness to unspeakable crimes. The atrocities in Bosnia and Herzegovina changed Pulitzer Prize winner Roy Gutman’s view of journalism. Matea Jerković asked the author of A Witness to Genocide about the parallels with Ukraine in an article in the special supplement by Sarajevo daily Oslobođenje.

How are you using newsletters?

More and more news publishers are realising the tremendous power newsletters have to help them build engagement with their readers as well as to drive digital subscriptions. We are working on a report about newsletters and ask for your help in taking this survey to tell us how your news publishing house is using newsletters.

Podcast – Meet them where they are: how media can reach youth in Africa

2022-03-24. Join us for the latest episode of The Backstory Media Freedom podcast as we look at ways in which news organisations across Africa are trying to attract – and keep – younger audiences.