‘In the 21st century, the newsroom is the business’ – Doug Smith on sustaining journalism

2023-09-29. Whether new or legacy, independent or not, every news publisher needs solid, practical strategies to remain sustainable in this continuously changing global media landscape. Here’s why Doug Smith believes targeted content is the ultimate starting block to transform your operations.

Originator Profile: Cross-industry project aims for safer cyberspace

2023-09-27. Yomiuri Shimbun, along with other media and tech companies in Japan, have introduced a special project for news and advertiser safety – Originator Profile. Although in testing phase, the technology aims to provide transparency in news articles and safe advertisements that are third-party verified, thus preventing the distribution of fake news content and ad fraud.

Six Steps Towards an AI strategy for news – and other findings from Generating Change report

2023-09-21. New comprehensive, global report on what news organisations are doing with AI exposes challenges and opportunities – and offers valuable insights for newsrooms of the future.

How Indonesia’s Kompas is growing its digital business

2023-09-20. “We have all earned trust and influence from various stakeholders. The question is ‘How do we find new ways to monetise that influence to create a more thriving model for journalism?’ ” says Andy Budiman, CEO, KG Media, which publishes Indonesia’s largest daily newspaper, Kompas.

RAOOI: A strategic, practical tool for newsroom managers

2023-09-01. ‘Ideas do not implement themselves; people do’ – Doug Smith on the practical implementation of strategic thinking in modern newsrooms

Africa’s storytelling evolution: how podcasting boosts minority voices, and can reinvigorate newsrooms

2023-08-28. A continent steeped in oral tradition is meeting the many challenges of the digital divide – and swinging a few learning curves at global publishers and content creators.

The next chapter in publishing: Embracing text-to-speech and AI voice cloning

2023-08-25. In the rapidly evolving landscape of publishing, integrating Text-to-Speech (TTS) and AI Voice Cloning technologies marks a groundbreaking advancement with immense potential. | Sponsored Content

IDN Media: ‘Our vision is to create a one-stop platform for the young generation of Indonesia’

2023-08-23. In just nine years, IDN Media has gone from a start-up founded by two brothers to a conglomerate working far beyond news to include advertising, music and films. And they have even more ambitious goals for the future.

Beyond 50:50: Tackling gender stereotypes and changing culture

2023-08-18. Luba Kassova, author of From Outrage to Opportunity, speaks to the BBC’s Lara Joannides about how to take the BBC’s 50:50 The Equality Project beyond improving representation in terms of numbers, to challenging stereotypical portrayal of women in news.

Answer questions and add depth: The importance of follow-up stories

2023-08-17. In the quest to build engagement and bolster loyalty, there’s something that’s easily but rarely done. Follow-up stories are something that are often overlooked in the frenetic pace of the newsroom – but they can be an easy win. Here’s what you need to know.